Rodney looks for the source data because Nick won't

Rodney Hide has done what Nick Smith has failed to do and ask for ALL the details of the data at NIWA so we can see if they are cheating us or not. Why is it up to the only honest politician to get the scientists to come clean on why data needs to be manipulated at all, which data was manipulated and the exact reasons why it was?

These are all valid reasons, especially no that we have an ETS system that will cripple our economy if maintained. If the science is bogus then the ETS and associated bullshit that goes with it be tossed out and then the prosecutions can begin for the greatest fraud attempted to committed on the global population in the history of mankind.


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  • erikter

    Why is the rank and file of the National Party, including you Cameron, not exerting pressure on Key to take a stronger stance on this matter? Why is the PM so detached from the issue?

    It seems Nick Smith can get away with murder and his boss and coward party members will say / do nothing to stop him.

    Is this the National Party you voted for?

    • anon

      No, I think Whale has been on it from the beginning. As for his portly little mate who's busy taking holiday snaps around the middle east – that's another matter.

    • Spot on, it aint the nats I voted for. Weak as piss the lot of them (Crusher excepted).

  • PK:)

    It's strangely ironic how much the present situation in relation to global warming and the attendant media coverage it is receiving reminds me of the lead up to Y2K. In that instance because I knew nothing about micro processors and running any windows operating system was the cause of so much grief on a daily basis I got sucked in by the Y2Kers and was sure that apart from any Apple computer, networks were doomed to shut down world wide unless of course you had made the necessary investment in Y2K compliant software.

    Now all you should need to do is replace the word software with carbon and it's Y2K all over again, correct???

    • Lucy


  • Bosco

    Rofl, Rodney whose corrupt little snout is so far in the public feed is not even funny anymore?

    Maybe he needs to go on another 'fact finding' mission with his partner to discover the truth!

  • If we look back on the fraud of global gore shit/climate fraud in 20 years our grandchildren will laugh,as we laughed when people thought "Duck and cover" under there school desks would have saved them from a nuclear bomb………

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  • mediatart

    THis is the key to the climate change , forget the frogs in Costa Rica or the coral in Botswana. Concentrate on the temperature records, with the original data . And then get top notch statistician, not these 'climate scientists' with there own shonky programs, to analyse the results.

    They will fight like cornered cats to stop this happening, since they know their credibility and careers will go down the tubes when they are properly reviewed.

    I would love to have the whole carbon tax or ETS thing, It suits me down to the ground . But call me old fashioned but fiddling the numbers to get the warming doesnt impress me. And now taking from the poor to give to selected well off groups doesnt impress me either

  • Dave Mann

    This crazy ETS scheme WILL be maintained now. No government will be able to change a thing because now that the maoris are involved, there would be all kinds of hell break loose if EVER a change were contemplated. If anybody even proposed changing the ETS in the future I can hear the agrieved cries of 'white man's rip-off', 'we have been disadvantaged', 'broken promises', honour the treaty' etc etc blah blah moan moan etc etc blah blah moan moanetc etc blah blah moan moanetc etc blah blah moan moanetc etc blah blah moan moan

  • mediatart

    Even Google is getting in on the censorship

    Climate Emails: Don't Google It
    The Google search function comes with a handy helper. Typically, when you begin to type in search terms, a drop down window will appear to provide helpful suggestions, based on the search terms Google users are typing in most often.

    I mention this, because a couple of days ago, typing the word "climate" into the window resulted in "climate hack" and "climate emails" popping up near the top of the handy helper suggestion list.

    Today, Google's handy helper seems to have had a change of heart.

    Try for yourselves.

    Put in " Climate" and see the suggestions and then put -h then -a then -c then-k You have to give the whole word "hack" to get any hits. Yet "Climate Hawkes Bay" pops up amoung others

  • Dave Moore

    For anyone truly interested in this subject (rather than just slagging off Rodney) check out what the Climate Science Coalition has discovered about NIWA and, in particular, Jim Salingers data. Here is the link… Check out the pdf file it shows some very interesting "adjustment" of the data. Perhaps NIWA or Jim might like to tell us why it was "manipulated".

  • Dave Moore
  • Akldnut

    "Why is it up to the only honest politician to get the scientists to come clean"

    That must be a joke whale – aint no honest politicians around here

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  • "They will fight like cornered cats to stop this happening, since they know their credibility and careers will go down the tubes when they are properly reviewed…"

    We have to look at this on a longer time scale too.

    Whatever these junket loving clowns decide to do with our money in Copenhagen, whatever stitched up shonky deal is made, the verdict of history and of science will remain the same; climate alarmists are frauds, and their stooges within the science establishments and in the media are guilty of collusion, lies and deceit. The information is now released, and the stink and shame of corruption will follow those who wilfully choose to ignore it.

    This letter from Rodney is excellent, but it's a little late and I hate to say, only because his hand has been forced. Rodney stated quite openly last year that catastrophic global warming was bunkum. His resistance to it now is welcome, but somewhat belated.