Cops just arrived for a chat

Two detectives just arrived for a “chat”, have to go to the station at nine.

Let’s see where this leads to. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Nice little chat with two detectives and a video machine, well it makes DVDs actually. Seems someone has complained about breaching name suppression. Not arrested…yet.


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  • Ciaron

    Take your boxing gloves.

  • Inventory2

    Good louck Cam – I suspect that the coppers will, even if unofficially, be on your side.

  • crabby

    ask them where a good donut shop is round howick?

  • Captain Crab

    Time to head for the City Council offices in Takapuna with a few signs maybe.
    “Can the clown from Campbells Bay” has a nice ring to it.

    My theory is that because the super city deal is done, that Williams bluster is a result of impotent rage. Theres nothing he can do. Hes out of a job, out on his arse. So all these texts are the result of him fuming away, sleepless at night.
    Counselling is probably in order.

  • coventry

    I told you not to send that nude Xmas card of yourself to the Mad Mayor.

  • CardManz

    “Mayor says he can’t remember texting Key”

    Says it all, really…

  • crabby

    the Clown of Campbells bay must have been on another one of his benders that night :P

  • Miss Whaleoil has been brought up to show respect to the Police but she and Master Whaleoil last night came out with some funny comments.
    Out of the blue when we passed a police car they started saying,” hmmm what’s that I smell? Bacon?” and then ” Do you know any good donut shops? ”
    When we asked what they were going on about they said, ” that’s what NOT to say when being interviewed by the cops.” I hope Whaloil remebers that. They were a very nice pair of detectives and I hope he behaves himself.
    Well time for a late breakfast, strangely I fancy bacon and eggs.

  • Don’t let them take you alive!

  • Ciaron

    Did you find out the Identity of the Accuser?

  • Lucy

    I saw you took my comments off that particular post. Too openly blatant Whale? If so I am sorry. Keep up the good work!


    make sure they use a glove (not the accused’s) for the cavity search!

  • Michaels

    I wonder if DPF may be right…..
    Whaleoil becomes the most popular blog and you write it from D-Block :)

  • petal

    Time to vaseline the scratcher.

    Seriously, I hope it doesn’t come to arrest. This can all be dealt with without that sortathing.

    @Lucy: I’m still looking for Kermadec Cruncywasp myself. (Would make a great name for a bind villain)

  • petal

    *bind = Bond.


  • Marybelle

    I am sure the police think this is such a waste of time. I wonder – are you allowed laptops and the internet in D-block? I didn’t think so.

  • Michaels

    Marybelle….. Being the “notorious” blogger that the Whale is and the love that SB has for him, she will show up outside D-Block where Whale will be able to slide his hands outside the bars on his window and type.

    There will be no escape for dodgy MP’s, scum of the earth, Winston Peters (fits in scum though), msm and anyone else that pisses him off.

  • Dads for Justice

    Love to see you Philip Field sharing a cell. :-)

  • mediatart

    Dont be silly, the worst that would happen would be community service, probably something for your favourite charity or local school. What has Lhaws got for his breaches. Fines ?

  • crabby

    I hear DJ’ing in the quad is always an option. Whale you should have asked if you could have your own recording equipment in the interview :P

  • Jimbo

    I always wonder why the cops arrive unannounced on your doorstep and then expect YOU to go to the station for an interview.

    It seems if they want to speak with you then it can be done on the spot. I’d told them to fuck off.

    • yes well, that is probably my fault. The first question was Are you Cameron Slater? to which I replied, I don't know you're the detectives you tell me…..three more like that and they thought the station might be better

  • With Whaleoil’s stretch in the big house in mind I went shopping for the perfect gift.
    I found it. SOAP on a ROPE. Can’t have my precious risk dropping the soap in the shower!

  • Michaels

    And damn lucky yourself and Miss Whaleoil can bake!!

  • Lucy

    You are a very thoughful wife Spanishbride.

  • Buggerlugs

    Ask the coppers if you can have the DVD so you can post it here…

  • PK:)

    So two taxpayer funded servants of the white motherfuckers turn up on your doorstep wanting to know if you are Cam the Man and you get staight to the point by telling them what their job is….hmmm…interesting strategy more to the point shouldn’t they be out there catching rapists and child beaters, (oh yeah that’s reight they just have:) you know the kind of beaters that fancy themselves as champions…can just hear the soul man saying `I coulda been a contender…yeah contender for a fucking long time in prison hopefully, in the interview tell them that everyone reading whaleoil is rapt at the job they have done in successfully bringing charges against this kiddie killer, rapist, motherfucker and we all appreciate what a tough job they do but they of all people must realise trying to maintain name suppression in nz is like dad trying to blame his farts on the dog right and express righteous indignation at any suggestion that you may have been party to revealing this scumbags identity eh…

  • Michaels

    PK……. try a fullstop sometimes, I’m not sure where to start or finish.
    Your bit sounds a tad like a rapper that can’t sing (or write).

  • You can’t be arrested for breaching a suppression order.

    Indeed, you can’t even be sentenced to community service.

    On the whole, it’s a pretty minor offence :-)

  • Buggerlugs

    Fantastic! Thanks Graeme (chaos ensues)

  • sam

    Maybe this one is better settled in a boxing ring?

  • John Boy

    Its just a game. I wonder if you’ll get name suppression?

  • Cadwallader

    I’m still trying to figure out who it is. If I ring the cops will they tell me?

  • guest

    looks like they Gotcha, cam

    don’t worry about the big house, the rocker-jawed rock apes will know you are an internet tough guy

  • “You can’t be arrested for breaching a suppression order.

    Indeed, you can’t even be sentenced to community service.

    On the whole, it’s a pretty minor offence”

    BUT BUT I’ve already baked the cake with a file in it and I was really looking forward to my conjugal visits.

  • Deb

    Spanishbride, admit it, you were looking forward to the house to your self for once, you were salivating at the thought of FREEDOM!

    A bit hasty as it turns out.


  • Deb it would have been GREAT as I am sleeping in my daughter room at the moment due to Whaleoils difficulties sleeping these past 4 months.
    I would have had my room and COMFORTABLE bed back and all to myself…BLISS :)

  • Marybelle

    Cadwallader – Maybe you might be able to figure it out by BOXING day.

  • Marybelle

    PK:)- You have a bit of a problem – you need help.Please stop using that revolting language. You are no better than Hone Harawira. I find it highly offensive especially when I have relatives employed in the police force. You haven’t a clue what they do or have to put up with. What you don’t get is that when someone makes a complaint the police have to follow through on the complaint – no matter how stupid the complaint may seem. Imagine how they must feel sometimes. If you feel the need – vent your energy, anger and foul language towards the politicians who pass stupid laws through parliament – Don’t shoot the messenger.

  • Cadwallader

    Marybelle I believe that thanks to your hint I have it! The trouble with name suppression is that it deflects blame towards all parties who fit only slightly into the description. I actually think that that is the most unfair aspect to it.