Fossy's Gay Ute

Craig Foss's Rooting UteCraig Foss has got himself a new ute. Well if you call such a soft vehicle a ute at all. It’s the sort of thing Charles Chauvel would drive.

Shortly after he got it Stuart “The Mangrove” Nash was seen climbing all over the back of it when the whinging bikers were in town. I hear he wants to borrow it for the following features:

Wellside – with sports bar, lockable roller shutter, bedliner with 12V power socket, and internal tie downs.

Rooting in the back of the ute is a time honoured Hawkes Bay tradition. Still I suppose it is better than converting the local gravestone makers office into a huge billboard to scare young kids and elderly passersby.


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  • jabba

    3l turbo .. I would get one but would need a canopy. I do admit that the extras are somewhat gay for what should be a big boys toy.

  • George Price

    Let’s see now, you dumb shit, Cameron Slater.
    70% of all motorcycle accidents are caused by car drivers.Let me put that in language that you can understand, 70% of motorcyclists that get injured are the victims of numbskulls like you who got your drivers licence out of a lucky packet.
    So ACC in their infinite fucking wisdom deduce that the solution to their shortfall in funds is to TAX the victims. What they should have done if they had any brains would be to increase car drivers contributions by 70%.
    You would have been the first one to scream your fucking lungs out – so when you talk about whinging bikers we ain’t no bunch of bleeding heart lefties.
    Next time think about what you are saying you ignorant raver.Thought thought through.

    • You're the one raving pal, take a chill pill you'll pop a vein. Have you considered that you wouldn't have been injured if you were a car instead of being an organ donor on a bike.

      So is it the car's fault, the car driver's fault or your fault to ride a lethal machine where the helmet is actually wearing you for protection.

  • George Romero

    Personally , i love that song.ritbotu.

  • An organ donor who can type! Wonders never cease.

  • Spanishbride

    When I was at university I rode a motorbike, yes a motorbike NOT a scooter and on dates Whaleoil was my BITCH on the back.
    I rode it because I couldn’t afford a car. If my children want to buy a motorbike because they cannot afford a car I will bloody buy them a car! I nearly killed myself on more than one occasion. 1) going too fast around a corner in the country skidded on gravel and almost went into a ditch.2) In heavy rain in Hamilton carefully applied the brakes approaching an intersection and found myself gracefully sliding sideways through a red light and into the MIDDLE of the intersection!3) Now this one would NOT happen to a guy admittedly….I was wearing a long full denim skirt and was going down hill when all of a sudden the skirt flew up and over my face, blinding me and exposing my nethers to oncoming traffic. Now that one was both hilarious and scary at the same time.
    My favourite memory however is Naive and innocent little Moi wondering why WO in his tight jeans was wincing when he got off my motorbike after spending half an hour behind me. All of a sudden his jeans seemed to be too tight. What ever was the matter?

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  • Jadis

    WO – Publish a photo of Lisa’s ute… now that IS a ute! and not just a mere 3L.

    SB – You in a long denim skirt? Now that just sounds so wrong though I can imagine the situation.

  • Cadwallader

    George Price: You are two things

    1 An idiot with little regard for punctuation and syntax!
    2 A victim of CHOICE! You choose too parade yourself about on a motorcycle. I choose to drive a late model European car which has all the whistles and bells including safety features and room in the back seat to fuck!

    There is an alternative to whining about ACC. We ought all harangue the government to obliterate this covert form of welfarism.

  • Captain Crab

    Who could afford a ute? Most of the time for us in the Bay it was trailbikes, a bottle of cold duck, some black rum and a fire down by the riverbank. And rooting on the grass. Or in the sand dunes.
    But..I had two friends killed in bike accidents. Both were just 17.

  • crabby

    who gives a toss about punctuation and syntax..

    I somewhat agree with George price, and can understand where hes coming from. I own a bike, and have ridden them all my life wether it be offroad or onroad. Personally I think a person has no business being on a motorbike on the road who hasn’t learnt to fall off in the dirt, thats just me. I used to commute into the city everyday from papakura and it was a fast good method of transport and relatively safe IF you treated everyone like they are out to kill you, which on multiple occasions they did try.

    I now have a 900cc bike I only ride on occasion and take it to the odd track day, I ride defensively and yet STILL have car drivers, driving their automatic car, distracted by their kids and on their cell, oblivious to anything around them try to take me out.
    Yet the governments idea is to make ME pay more for the stupidity of others. That makes me want to get the .308 out and do some politician target practice.

  • Craig Foss

    Is David Parkers tramping invitation is open to other MPs;>

  • Craig Foss

    Can’t go. I don’t have a boot, only a deck!

  • mediatart

    Didnt Bolger AND Birch used to go tramping together.