Tenderwatch – Gold!

Oww, this one’s a goldmine.

  • MED sounds like it is filming a porn movie
  • Who on earth is Te Kete Ipurangi and why are they building a Channel that needs supports?
  • Should the Ministry of Womens Affairs just be disbanded and then we can let a contract for disposal and shredding?
  • I’m sure EBIT can already access the net…
  • and why does the Ministry of Agriculture need to upskill on climate change? They don’t have enough white papers/peer reviewed papers/other assorted fabricated mumbo jumbo to go on?

Gold Plated troughing and wasteful spending

Gold Plated troughing and wasteful spending


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  • Jax

    The bigger question is, what sort of quality well run non corrupt organisations put out tenders a week before Christmas and expect good quality well circulated responses. On the other hand, perfect time to put them out if you have a result in mind before hand.

  • thor42

    Agreed, Jax.
    FFS, Key, English and co – get off your Bellamys-fed backsides and **stop this wasteful crap!** Better still, get rid of Te Kete Ipurangi and Women’s Affairs.

  • thor42

    I think I’ll invent a meaningless, useless Maori organisation. I’ll call it “Te Rua Pango Nui” – the big black hole, as in the hole that taxpayer’s money is shovelled into. (“Rua” can mean “hole” as well as “two”, by the way, as in Ruapehu).

  • Pedrovsky

    Te Kete Ipurangi, or TKI is actually invaluable. (although I don’t know why it needs support services– or maybe it does ..read on) It’s basically an online database for teachers/schools I suppose run by minedu and it’s where you go to to get all your tests and prescriptions, and things like lists of what you need to cover for the exams. It is a great source of internal assessments for NCEA and because you can browse it and pick an assessment that is pretty well organised it saves a heap of double handling and I’d say cleans up a lot of inconsistencies between teachers and schools.
    Downside .. apparently it isn’t password secure so students can see the tests they may get and also apparently sometimes NZQA don’t like some of the tests that TKI has on offer… ffs why not just combine both into minedu?