Who has amnesia?

The Mad Mayor of North Shore, the Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams is at it again. He has sent out a press release at 10:07pm, bombarding many National MPs and others with his mad ravings. The way he carries on his city will be lucky to get anything out of central government.

For Christmas, Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson needs to get himself a calculator and the “Vintage Book of Amnesia: An Anthology of Writing on the Subject of Memory Loss” by Jonathan Lethem, says North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams.

“He needs the calculator to work out how much GST and income taxes the government stands to make from the $11 billion repair bill to the nation’s leaky homes. Current estimates indicate the government could reap up to $2 billion in revenue, thereby actually making a huge profit on this national disaster.” says Mayor Williams.

“The Amnesia book would also be helpful to the Minister, as he clearly has a case of memory loss with regards to the National Government of the 1990’s which passed the Building Act 1991 reducing regulations on builders and developers. That same government then allowed the Building Industry Authority to approve materials that were not fit for purpose such as untreated kiln dried timber in combination with directly applied monolithic cladding materials that leaked.”

Of course the Minister of Building and Construction is far too grown up to reply to this sort of childish tantrum throwing. However since I am from the lunatic Wing of the VRWC I will happily indulge in smacking Williams around the ears.

Andrew Williams must think he is smarter than Treasury because they don’t agree with his claims. If the drunken idiot had learned to read he would realise how wrong he is according to the Treasury documents. These documents have been widely distributed around people in local government including the Mental Mayor, it just so happens that I managed to obtain a copy of the report.

The Clown should also review his stance on amnesia given that the druggie/alcoholic can’t remember texting the Prime Minister at 3am after a long night chatting with the piss fairy.

What sort of a loser is the the Clown for not fronting for media interviews after sending out his late night press release, booze and pill induced missive. The sook thinks being on holiday is an excuse.


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  • mediatart

    Didnt some one else recently diss Treasury, as being on the same level as the people who do the weather forecasts. Anyway he walked on a carpet of rose petals at Carbonhagen for his troubles

  • rawha

    take your point re the mad mayor.

    but this gst lark he’s on might have some cred. the treasury “report” the venerable mr. key sought only to answer the question of a “windfall” gst take.

    how do you define ‘windfall’?

    google defines it thus:

    boom: a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money).

    piss off. what treasury geek in their right mind would finish a report off by agreeing the taxed suffering of hundreds of home owners will result in a windfall for the government?

    the guts of the report – when you remove the flowery language that’s specific to the flaw in the question at least – corroborates much of what mad boy campbell says.

    one of the report’s paras – expanding on the favoured “short answer” – says: “in the short run, homeowners and councils will borrow to finance repairs of leaky homes. this will result in higher expenditure over the next few years, and lower expenditure in the future.”

    translated, the writers are saying: initially, yes, there will be a windfall. then, as the onslaught of repairs subside, gst take will normalise.

    hardly a resounding rebuttle of campbell’s rhetoric, is it?

  • linux noobs

    Im starting to think you dont like this guy.

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  • rawha

    oh ffs. i fucked up and started calling andy “campbell” instead of “williams”.

    mea culpa.