I bet he is upset

Robin Brooke is upset over allegations he molested a 15 year old.

Of course if he was in NZ at the time instead of Fiji he would be able to buy himself a healthy dose of name suppression if he was before the courts.

I feel sorry for him too, he is having to deal with the allegations while some of his ex-team mates enjoy a life without such scrutiny because they happily obtained name suppression despite committing  and being convicted of far worse crimes.

Where I don’t feel sorry for him is that he has to face his accusers in an open court. This is good.

And as you can see there is absolutely no mention of the details of the victim other than she is 15 years old. Kind of proving my point.


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  • When the truth comes out we will find that the boy in question was smart to brook,he pushed him,girl mouthed off,brook tell her to get fucked and she cries wolf and that he touched my ass……

    • Krapnede

      That might be Brooke's truth but having a fair idea what Brooke is like, I doubt it happened that way. The newspaper articles would seem pretty accurate.

  • Excusesofpuppets

    As a rule, I think it is a good thing to have potentially traumatised 15 year old girls entire life dragged through open court for the tabloid consumers to enjoy. Especially 15 year olds who have been subjected to hideous and humiliating assaults. Reminds me of that very unfortunate 'joke' about watching a child break down in a courtroom. Most amusing.

  • Tiredofit

    I agree Excusesofpuppets! I know my 7 year old daughter certainly loved being pulled up on the stand in front of her attacker and a jury of middle aged men to be questioned like a criminal..I think was her favourite part of the whole entirely long and drawn out process! Im only sad her attacker didnt get to experience the same excitement and exilleration as he never had to get up on the stand..so unfair!

    • You have my sympathy. However now I believe victims can give evidence in a separate room outside the coutroom and have the court watch this via video link-up.

      I once gave evidence via video-link in a totally unrelated case. (I was in another town at the time). I never saw, and nor did I know the accused. I never saw the Jury. Talking to a TV set seemed a little weird, but I thought it went well.

    • Anonymous Victim

      I don't see how they can even do that to a 7 year old. It is so wrong. I'm so sorry.

  • James

    > Where I don’t feel sorry for him is that he has to face his accusers in an open court.

    He will only go to court if he’s charged. So far he hasn’t been.

  • Tim

    The point is that in fact, Brooke has denied nothing and is now hiding behind his lawyers. Bit like Toger Woods, say nothing and it just gets worse and worse…………..better put the New World place on the market now…..

  • rongowaiata

    Why wait for the Fiji police? Can this can be tried in NZ – under the law that allows sexual offences against children to be tried in the home country of the offender? [designed to stop child prostitution by tourists] Then both Robin and the girl can be heard and cleared or otherwise?? Or doesn't that apply in this case?

  • John Boy

    I can't get over the potential fixation of older men with young girls. If you're old enough to be their father treat them like your daughter – and not like a hill billy either.

  • Anonymous Victim

    Yes you can be in a seperate room. I did this. I couldn't have stood in that court room. Beforehand I'd been having nightmares of being in the court room and him shooting me.
    But even still I had to deal with being called a liar over and over (I was 12/13) by his lawyer.

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