Is Parekura in Taranaki?

Tiger Mallard is upset about there being no pies in Taranaki.

Well perhaps he should have got there before Parekura “Big Ben” Horomia.

Parekura at all the pies

Parekura at all the pies


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  • jabba

    this is not the 1st time Daffy and silent T have poked fun a overweight people and fatty foods in general.
    Lets see .. there are around 120 MPs but about 400 chins. For these two wankers to slag off pie eaters while surrounded by a huge amount of Labour MP's who like their food by the look of them is crap. daffy is looking more and more like a total fuckwit everyday.

  • old timer

    was that the”round”taranaki.
    Daffy cant keep off the pond water can he.

  • jabba

    at some stage, Goff with have to have a quiet word with his Sargent at arms because he really is a loose unit .. unless of course, Goff is doing a Clark and using daffy as he bad cop as he knows that poor daffy is expendable. BUT .. Daffy has about 3000 kiddies as his "friends" so Goff won't want to lose them.

  • jabba

    if I was Parekura, I would smack daffy in the head for his insults

  • The Obfuscator

    Of more interest here is just how fast Trevor Mallard rode that race.

    4:09 is SERIOUSLY quick. It's the sort of time that would have seen him up with some of the fastest bunches of the day and the sort of time that would ahve taken many long hours of training to achieve. I wouldn't have thought that most MPs would have had time to achieve such a feat.

    Well done to him. Not sure if the Nikki Kaye challenge reverts to Taupo this year…. if it does he's gonna be BLOODY HARD to beat.

  • jabba

    it would be interesting to see what angle he has his seat .. I would suggest is is straight up

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