On NewstalkZB

I’ll be on NewstalkZB with Tim Dower sometime after 1730 today.

Also did an interview on bFM. I defended Rocky and John Minto’s right to protest.


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  • Re ZB interview. If it's just a public 'perception' of special treatment for celebrities and not in fact the 'reality' then what is the point of a law change. Would it not be more sensible to correct the public misconception?

  • Pete B

    You were bloody good on Breakfast this morning

    • Must have been because the leftists are frothing like mental patients off their meds in straight jackets

      • shameforwhale

        There were a couple of posts by Juana over on the Standard they made her look abit crazy… she was ranting and raving…

        You might want to have a word to her, because public image and perception is everthing

        • What a comedian you are. I am very happy that my ' raving ' was so effective. Despite their protestations that they heavily edited their post because of other complaints ( not my own )the result is now a post that is clearly biased opinion which is fine by me. They seem very concerned that we will sue and may have a copy of their cache but if what they originally posted was factual not slanderous or malicious I wonder why they felt the need to remove it?They seem very paranoid too, claiming that I e-mailed them when I have only ever commented on their little website.

          • shameforwhale

            @spanish Bride— well done… I guess you did really well…..I read the changes, and think you could get them to change some more….

            They still claim "Who are you donating to? SHAME won’t say. It doesn’t look like SHAME has any legal status. It is not a company. Not a society. Not a trust. It is a scam. It is Slater. “If you give money to SHAME, it looks like the money will go straight to Slater. What is to stop him spending it on himself?”"

            surely you could get them to change that, because that has to be incorrect,

          • Not at all. Opinion is opinion. They have the right to freedom of expression. You are quite right, their opinion is incorrect but they are entitled to it never the less ( just as I am entitled to the opinion that you are a Twat :)

  • shameforwhale

    I was only trying to help!! Perhaps get coaching on public relations… I actually support Camerons ideas…..!!!

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