Scampi case settled for just $1.5 million

The Scampi defamation and suppressed video case was quietly settled at the beginning of the week.

Retired fishing industry magnate Peter Simunovich says he feels “vindicated’ after settling his long legal battle against TVNZ and APN New Zealand — the publisher of The New Zealand Herald — over an alleged defamation of him in coverage of a row over scampi fisheries.

The Simunovich Family injuncted the TVNZ video that accused them of arranging for evidence to be fabricated and lies told to the then infamous Scampi Inquiry. This was the same inquiry that Winston Peters famously changed his tune halfway through going from being scathing about how Scampi quota was originally allocated to suddenly deciding that it was all hunky-dory.

Famously Rodney Hide also tried to present this video evidence in the House and was constantly prevented asking questions and denied leave to table the video and documents by Winston Peters.

The Whale’s spies have now confirmed that the case is indeed finished, very quietly and that TVNZ and APN settled with Simunovich for just $1.5 million. That is less than half of the legal costs incurred by the Simunovich family on trying to keep the video from the public. How can Simunovich claim to be vindicated when the case was settled out of court and slapped with all sorts of confidentiality agreements? That hardly seems like a vindication to me. More like a quick scramble out of trouble if you ask me.

One would have to ask precisely why they would spend more than $3 millions trying to keep a programme from airing and then settle for under half the expense in doing so? Says a lot really, particularly when they were seeking $29m in damages from the media companies.

Well The Whale was the only blogger prepared to air the video at the time and I will do it again so that we can be reminded of a shameful episode in New Zealand political history that involved the most corrupt politician in living memory, Winston Raymond Peters, 64, unemployed of no fixed abode.


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  • Bill No Name

    Winston Peters is a total disgrace, along with the corrupt Labour gummint that protected him during the dark days of their administration.

  • Doug

    Who is Win­ston Peters?

    • A crooked politician who lied to a select committee and to a Privileges Committee, who Labour enabled, in particular Michael Cullen and helen Clark, both of whom have been rewarded in spectacular fashion by the new National Government.

  • The NBR thinks it was $15m. Someone is out by a factor of 10. Any comments?

  • Lion King

    Probably lest corrupt than shonKey and the Maori Party and Hone and his cronies and ACT . Nothing ever came out about Hide with his Free Office space from Bob Grones before last election. But all politician are a corrupt lot are they not.?

    • Snitch

      Nothing ever came out about Hide with his Free Office space from Bob Grones before last election.

      Idiot. There was no "free office space".


  • Sinner

    most cor­rupt politi cian in liv ing memory

    Did he rely on a corrupt politicized police force to keep him in power?

    Did he corrupt the civil services to support his party only?

    Did he buy three elections illegally and try to buy another two?

  • Theresaj

    He tried to warn us about islamification which is a lot more than any other politicican has done. Malaysian churches today……in 30/40 years time it will be New Zealand's churches.

  • Bill No Name

    Dont you dare link Act with Rodney Hide, he is not part of Act. He cant be, when was the last time he told anyone about Act policies or promote the party in any way? Isnt he with National now?

  • Guy

    Whaleoil, how about you do some investigating into any possible dodgy dealings that the ACT party or National Party have done? Gotta be some back handers going on there. Maybe you could publish the names of all those that donated money to those 2 parties so we know what they could get in return.
    Wouldn't that be in the public's interest?
    Oh wait, could they be the parties you support? Couldn't possibly publish anything negative about them could you?

  • mjmelesea

    $15 million or $1.5 million whale you homo, this is a big story and your telling us some numbers that dont add up. whats the number? and how much does your so called most corrupt nz mp get?

    • I have never said 15 million. My numbers add up fine. 1.5 million is the number. Oh and I'm not a homo.

      • mjmeleisea

        Why are you and other bloggers saying $1.5 while the mainstream media spoons are telling us $15 million? Why isnt this a big story?

  • mjmeleisea

    sorry im drunk my email is [email protected]