Ambulance chasing backfires

Politicians are often wont to use piggy back off of tragic family circumstances to labour a point or to have a swipe at one policy or another. Sometimes that backfires spectacularly, but that is to be expected when you go chasing ambulances or in this case hearses.

The Member for Mars, Catherine Delahunty, has been caught a beauty in trying to have a swipe at ACC and WINZ. She recounts the tragic story of a bloke who died then regurgitates the cry-baby story of his “wife”. Except she isn’t his wife and she told lies.

His children then wade into the debate and set upon Delahunty and other panty-waist Greens bemoaning the evil state apparatus.

Essentiially the daughter of the dead guy says his missus, not his still legally wife is a liar and been sucking off the public tit in various ways.

Go read the comments.


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  • Scary Thoughts

    Misguided Member and you have to feel empathy for the kids in this.

    If there’s a problem, fine get it in the open. This Govt shown they’re happy to address issues of the past.

    Dare I ask who was Minister for ACC when the “advice” was provided? That’s right – those that can’t define a liability.

  • comment

    I can't believe that they are bringing up issues during Helens reign and trying to use against the current ministers. I do wonder though if he was still married to the childrens mother and had this partner mentioned managed to get compensation if this is an inkling towards polygamy through defacto relationships.

  • It is not disputed that this is a certified ACC claim. However the post was about his missus not being able to get a WINZ benefit. The reasons stated was the ACC payment. However is that the real reason? Sure, the money was spent, but was that the real reason why she did not qualify? Are there other reasons that we have not heard and she has just told porkies to a gullible MP so she could continue to suck on the government tit for longer?

    The other issue I have is why does ACC payout here pothumerously. Surely the money would have been for living costs for the year that he was living and too sick to work. If there were dependents it would have continued to pay out. The issue here though is that were no dependents so WHY DOES ACC NEED TO PAY THE SPOUSE AFTER HIS DEATH. Why can't this Cathy woman get a job like the rest of us? I may sound mean, but ACC does need to remain affordable for the rest of us. If you want more money upon your death take out some form of life insurance.

  • Stopped Clock

    Excellent post WO! Reading the comments on frogblog is like watching a train smash unfold.

  • Mark

    Not even Bill Hicks could have come up with something like this…

  • jagilby

    Funny – I noticed that Catherine's posts on her own blog have been hidden due to high negative feedback. That's got to be the ultimate burn!

  • deitynigel6888


    So thats what happens when an anarcho-feminist-comedian-ambulance chaser tries to generate a bit of publicity.

    Typical green/communist own goal. not only was it during a government her party supported, but the alleged "victim" turns out to be a gold digging bludger who thinks she has a right to a sickness benefit for some undisclosed reason.

  • GALCisacock

    haha, what a great post whale!

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    If she shaved her mo, her brain might grow.

    Who's going to do the next line?

  • WTF has whether she was legally his wife or not got to do with it? She was his de facto wife at the time of his death, so is entitled to spousal death entitlements from ACC.

    And what makes you presume it is her and not his daughter and son who are telling lies Whale? There is obviously some bad blood in the family.

    Irrespective of those matters, Catherine raises some valid points in questioning whether she has been treated, both by ACC and Work and Income, in accordance with the law. That's the real issue here, not the diversionary path his children and you have gone down.

    As for those in the comments thread reminding us that Labour was in Government when all this happened, I seem to recall Sue Bradford frequently getting stuck into ACC and Work and Income for their inadequacies back in that era too.

    • I have no problem with ACC payouts for the year he was too unwell to work and funeral expenses.This is what I think the $35,000 ACC payment was for. My beef is that we do not have the details of her current benefit claim. The way I see it, the money is gone and now she has to get a job. We do not have details on why WINZ refused her claim. I think this idea that her ACC payment precludes this is Cathy's fabrication. The money was meant for him, not her anyway.

      Reading between the lines I think she has told lies to Catherine and Catherine is gullible enough to buy into it. On behalf of all those people who have to roll out of bed at 6.30 in the morning I say good on WINZ for stopping a trougher one fence in front of the trough and telling someone to get off their arse and find a job.

    • Sgt Booth

      Some free advice toad. Stop digging.

      Besides digging's genuine hard work – and you greenies find that truly disagreeable.

  • sianna

    Ok Toad, point taken yes she lived with my father for many years so I agree yes she is entitled to something, I have never said otherwise. As for me lieing?! Yes, its no secret we never got along. But, what do I have to gain in saying what I have said? You do not know the woman. I dont have to prove myself to you or anyone about the truths that I know. I have always said I just want her to stop trying to get handouts in the name of my father. She is not and never will be ‘my family’. She made my fathers tangi and unveiling very unpleasant for my brother and I. As usual his own children felt like bystanders at their own fathers tangi and unveiling. So toad go believe what you like, if you back this woman then you are one of the sorry people who will have bludgers live off your hard earned money. I will not stand by and say nothing while she pursues this. Go get a job Cathy, Im a fulltime worker and a single parent of two.