Epic Fail by Winston First Youth Branch

Winston First Members listening to Winston rave onThey call themselves SS – NZF on Facebook. Epic Fail. Inviting Asian students to participate is also amusing.

Someone send them a World War 2 history book to discover why using SS as a part of your initials with a political party famous for its xenophobia is not a good idea.

Even better, ask an NZ First member – most of them are old enough.

I knew Winston First members were stupid but I didn’t realise they were this stupid.

Winston First = Nazi Party

Winston First = Nazi Party


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  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    They photoshopped the wrong hand. The one they need is flat hand, palm forward, fingers stiffly held together.

  • Ben

    I hate to warn you Whale but its probably a joke made by someone who is making fun of NZF

  • tonyromeo

    The shooting of 33 dogs is like a scene from Auschwitz

  • no guano sherlock

    This is a piss-take.

  • Dumblebore's Army!

  • Its not a pisstake

  • darryl

    The strategy is all wrong. Hitler had a youth movement.

  • STC

    We were fully aware of the potential for people to call us "SS" when we created the name – it stands for Symonds St. The Nats and Labs have already taken street names; the other streets around Uni are named after dubious land grabbers, Queens of England and one after a sea captain who drowned in Manukau Harbour. Symonds St it is, and the initials mean nothing more than that.

    We are no more Nazis than the Libertarians, the Greens or anything in between – the Nazis were a political orginisation that worked through violence, vicious electoral cheating and preached race hate. I won't even say the Maori party are that bad.

    I've read your blog for a while Mr Whale, so I know that pretty much any opening is going to be swung at by you, but I think you should check that any accusations you make are factually correct or you will never get any credibility – that process works much better than your usual shotgun/Antonie Dixon approach to investigative journalism.



  • Curwen

    Sir – I apologise for any offence caused by the (retrospectively) unfortunate choice of acronym, which has now been changed. At the time of writing I quite genuinely didn’t believe that any reader would be sufficiently purile so as to read such a ghoulish meaning into a wholly innocent (and geographically determined) acronym.

    However, I’m heartened your sole grounds for disparagement are a badly-chosen name, the same-old Xenophobia card, and a rather hollow crack at the vintage of the NZF membership; although I fail to see any particular humour in having our events open to students of Asian descent. New Zealand First has been and always will be a party stringently opposed to racial discrimination or favouritism in its membership.

    As a final stab against your assertion, were you aware our secretary was Jewish?

  • darryl

    Ask your Jewish secretary how the fund raising for the Election overspend is going. You don't want to be like those Nazis who practised "electoral cheating" do you? Also can you please send us a photo of all the Asian students that turned up to support your rally, we'd all love to see that!

  • Theresaj

    Likening the dead dogs to Auschwitz is really inappropriate. Have you read much about Auschwitz Tonyromeo? Thomas Keneally's Schindlers Ark is a good place to start tho not totally about Auschwitz.
    My Chinese husband was a New Zealand First supporter. About ten years ago, he said ''If you let too many Chinese people in here , they will change the place too much.'' And now we have thousands upon thousands of young Chinese girls having multiple abortions , Chinese gangs involved in all kinds of crime , mass importation of P ingredients , filthy eateries , footpaths covered by cigarette butts and even human remains in a tower above a school.
    Winston was right about a lot of things.

    • darryl

      Firstly, I work in Health Theresaj and I can tell you that the amount of Chinese girls having abortions is not "thousands upon thousands". In fact, the amount of Chinese girls having abortions is no different from those of other ethnic groups. Secondly, and this may surprise you, but NZ has always had all kinds of crime, mass importation of drugs, filthy eateries, footpaths covered by cigarette buds and most likely people shitting where they were not supposed too. If there were no Chinese here these things would still happen.

  • Theresaj

    I worked for the Abortion Supervisory committee decades ago..Chinese were over represented in the abortion stats then..they were especially visible in the Downs Syndrome abortions…The official stats are only part of the story. There is an underground abortion racket..just ask any Chinese GP.
    NZ has not always had all kinds of crime..nor have we always had mass drug importation. You must be very young if you think this. Drugs started coming in through our ports in the 70s. Speak with any newly retired detective . He will tell you that when he started in the CIB , there were no drug crimes whereas now almost every crime is a drug related crime. The only shopping area in my vicinity that has cigarrette butts as far as the eye can see is the Chinatown. Other shopping areas are very clean and tidy. Auckland used to be a beautiful , clean city , now it is an overcrowded, dirty dump.
    You can defend the Chinese for as long as you like but just know one thing , they would NEVER defend you.

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