Tenderwatch – Bounty Hunters

The GETS tender system has been quiet over Christmasbut now the slumbering civil service is awaking and little gems are coming through.

Nice to see the Ministry of Justice embracing Bounty Hunters, although they couch it in government new-speak so as not to alert the liberal pant-waists.

Ministry of Justice ;ooking for Bounty hunters


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  • Jason

    Jeez, would have to be good pay considering the pleasant working environment, nottt… Also, how ironic and inefficient – MOJ paying to hunt down the crims that dont get jail time first time round from the judges. I often wonder how the cops feel after they do all the hard and good work of catching the buggers in the first place, then have to watch them walk away 9/10 times. Gutting.

  • I wonder if Boba Fett is available?

  • Rob

    I have often wondered why we don’t have a bail bonds system. It would be the easiest way to speed up the court process. Having watched a burglar that I identified going through a court process that took 2 years. Surprisingly during this period when he was not in custody he continued to offend.

  • Rob

    It was delayed multiple times mostly because, like most recidivist offenders, he simply failed to appear and a warrant was issued for his arrest. It should be noted that in reality there is no effective penalty for failing to appear. When he was finally remanded in custody a judge let him out to attend a funeral, he failed to return. One time corrections failed to bring him to court. Several more delays while he had a breakup with his lawyer and had to find new representation, why I don’t know he had pleaded guilty. Once because the Judge wasn’t happy with the sentencing report and wanted more non custodial options and once because the sentencing report wasn’t ready, which is also very common.

  • nathan

    hate to tell you all this, but this tender request was actually looking for an upgrade/replacement for an existing web site used by justice department staff to search for people of interest……

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