The U.S. Military is doomed

Two items point to the pending doom of the strongest military machine in living history.

The US Air Force Academy in Colorado has set up an outdoor worship area for followers of Druidism and other pagan or earth-centred religions.

“Stand by what I said: Allowing homosexuals to serve openly is the right thing to do. Comes down to integrity,” – Adm. Mike Mullen, on Twitter

Are there no real men left in the USA?


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  • Brian Smaller

    The yanks are having hearings on the 'Dont ask, don't tell' policy at the moment. I would have thought the answer was to have units of exclusively homosexual servicemen and women.

  • Titan-Uranus

    Seems to work in the Dutch military,

    • Very interesting. Holland as a society is very relaxed on many fronts ie marijuana. I guess our military reflects our societies attitudes.
      My fathers generation who fought in Vietnam will never be comfortable with openly gay soldiers.

  • uhhhhh

    Cameron Slater: Real Man.

  • Ian Mac

    What’s your problem with freedom of religion and homosexuals? The Declaration of Independence (which I’m sure you agree with) is quite specific “ALL men are created equal”

    • Yes of course, however you cannot put men and women in the same barracks and they cannot shower together for obvious reasons. With homosexuals there is a real issue as straight men do not like been naked around gay men as they may be looked at in a sexual way, just like women would not want to shower with men for the same reason. There must be a way around this problem but a unit of exclusively gays would not be the answer either as it would present the same problems women and men face in the military.Romantic relationships will develop and a unit of soldiers must work as a cannot function effectively if the soldiers are ' involved '. How can a superior officer order his lover into a situation where he or she most likely will be killed?Soldiers have to follow orders and orders must be un emotional and logical.

      • Mark

        A real issue? Men get naked in the showers at swimming pools and gyms all the time. There's no separate shower for homosexuals. People just deal with it.

      • comment

        Wow Straight guys don't like being round gay guys is a bit of generalisation. I have some gay mates and honestly they do have a life outside of relationships. In fact as I went to a boarding school with many of them it was never really awkward. The problem is really in the minority of straight guys who have a phobia.

        • You are missing the point. I like being around men but NOT when I am naked and in a communal shower Capice? It is not about phobia at all.

      • DARREN

        Claiming to be ex-NZ army you should well know that what you have described would form 'an unprofessional close relationship' and is laid out in the DM-69 illegal.

  • Ace

    Why should only straight men get shot up for their country?! If I was American I'd object to gays getting special exemption from the dangers of military service – so getting rid of the barriers is the right thing to do.

    • HomasTheMexican
  • uhhhhh

    It would appear that the whale can pick and choose what freedoms people are and are not entitled to.

  • Brian Smaller

    Ace – The US has a volunteer military. The military doesn't choose who walks into their recruiting stations, only who they take.

    The military is a different beast from civilian life. There are restrictions and behaviour rules that are required that would not be accepted in civilian life.

  • Mark

    We've seen you on TV whale. you wouldn't meet the requirements to get into the military yourself.

    • HomasTheMexican

      I'm sure he'd get in. Standards are lax as all fuck. But then he'd come crying home after the first 10 days of basic training, having spent a week of that time malingering on light duties.

      • HomasTheMexican

        For those of you not up with the play on fat boy's censorship engine, that was m-a-l-i-n-g-e-r-i-n-g-

    • Funny how I was then isn't it fool. Delta Coy, 6 Hau

    • Actually WO and I both were in the military for a short time when we were in our early 20's. I completed basic training at Hopu Hopu camp which is now no more.

  • Lucy

    "Oooooh! Look over there. A Baddie."

    "Then shoot him!"

    "Oooooh no. I don't want to hurt him. You do it"

    "Me? No way"……………………….

  • Titan-Uranus

    With the american penchant for friendly fire or fragging,(ie, Pat Tillman) I would suggest gays in the US military is the least of their worries.

  • Presumably if you were in Afganistan and being shot at by Taleban loons, you would be more interested in wanting to know whether the chap next to you was shooting straight rather than whether he was 'straight'.

  • caleb

    Im ex RF.

    the army is the wrong place for open homosexuality.

    smoking is banned in pubs.