Titahi Bay Aftermath

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  • bigkev

    and the little bugga will get:

    im going with 150hrs community work

    and dont forget we’ll have to go easy on him he’s 14,we wouldnt want to ruin his life – NOT!!. give him 50,000 plants a spade and tell him to start climbing and dont come back till ya done.

  • Robert

    Boho! Grew up in the Hutt Valley and its was a regular occurrence. Gorse burns, nothing new there. Oh the firemen had a practice. If the whingers stopped for a moment they would realize it’s a good idea to get to work in the winter, spray the gorse seedlings that will grow and then plant the place with tree’s.
    That way he did them a favour. Oh and the PD boys can do the planting so that’s good exercise for them.