March 2010

On way to boxing

I am on my way to the boxing tonight, I will be live Tweeting most fights, including the Tua v. Friday the 13th fight.

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Wednesday Weapons – Stealth Slippers

Customs and Border Protection agents apprehended Mexican weed smugglers who tried to disguise their footprints with foam tied to their sneakers while illegally crossing into the U.S

Oh lordy!

Wednesday Weapons - Stealth Slippers

Wednesday Weapons - Stealth Slippers

Wednesday Weapons – Porters Syrah

Andrew Williams favourite Weapon

Andrew Williams favourite Weapon

Hide is Hitler – Andrew Williams

The Clown of Campbells Bay is shameful, not only did he mock the whole of New Zealand and the North Shore specifically yesterday but now he takes his tantrum throwing too far.

On his Facebook page he has posted a picture of Rodney Hide as as Adolf Hitler super-imposed over a Nazi Flag. The man is foul beyond belief.

Andrew Williams calls Rodney Hide Hitler

Andrew Williams calls Rodney Hide Hitler

Andrew will probably call a press conference now and claim that his Facebook page has been hacked and it is an ACT conspiracy, or else he will say he didn’t, it isn’t there and show the dunces in the media a cleaned up Facebook page, but the problem he has is that I have a screenshot plus the underlying code.

Portraying someone as a mass -murdering dictator responsible for the deaths of millions is disgusting, display that person on top of the most hated flag in the world is just filthy.

No shit Sherlock

Ricky Martin is gay.

I never would have guessed.

I wonder if he will re-write this song.


Repulsion Camel obfuscates

Replusion Camel put up a post at Red A-blert. As usual she misses the point. She must have been having one of her Pasifika days today because she missed the connection Todd  McCLay was making about welfare-ism and child abuse.

Todd went down the wrong path when he disrespectfully brought Nia Glassie in to the debate.  He went in to a rant abour how she was surrounded by people on benefits and therefore (in his mind) this led to her murder.

This was not only bad taste but it was offensive.  Not only is the Govt trying to stigmatise beneficiaries as lazy; dole bludgers, ripping off the system BUT NOW they are adding – child abusers and even child murderers – to the stigma.

I personally take great offence to this inference.

Instead of taking offence she should have used the gate, but being one who is easily offended she had to squeal. To show how egregious wrong she was, here is the part of Hansard she is referring to.

I want to conclude by giving members an example of what *long-term welfare dependency does to New Zealand families. I want members to think back for a moment to a few years ago and to the horrific murder of young *Nia Glassie in Rotorua. Her entire family and all of the people there were on benefits.

Hon Parekura Horomia: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker—[Interruption].

ASSISTANT SPEAKER (Hon Rick Barker): The House will be silent. I have a point of order from the Hon Parekura Horomia.

Hon Parekura Horomia: The member is going well out of the brief of this discussion. He is making a mockery of what has happened in the past.

The ASSISTANT SPEAKER (Hon Rick Barker): I know what members are alluding to, but it is a debating point. It is not a point of order.

TODD McCLAY: I am not making a mockery of anybody—

Hon Dr Nick Smith: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. I am but 2 metres from the speaker, and I cannot hear a word of what he is saying because of the barracking and screeching that is coming from the other side of the House. I think if we are to have—

The ASSISTANT SPEAKER (Hon Rick Barker): This has been a robust debate. I have to say that I can hear Mr Todd McClay quite clearly from here. I have been able to hear other people. The member’s own party has been engaged in a substantial amount of barracking across the House. I think it is about even. I say to members that the point has been made.

TODD McCLAY: I pay great tribute to the young Nia Glassie, and I have little or no regard for the people who murdered her. But I say to members that if we look at that family and those around them, there was long-term welfare dependency. The people who murdered her were on benefits and did not have jobs. Largely, the long-term welfare dependency that was promoted by the previous Government in New Zealand did nothing to help that family. This Government will stand up and fight for those people. Thank you.

We have become much too fond of making excuses in this country, of abrogating responsibility when it is clear where the responsibility lies and to ignore plain facts that are before us. The simple truth is obvious too hard for Repulsion Camel to understand.

It is a fact that the caregivers of Nia Glassie were on benefits, it is a fact that they bashed and tortured her to death, we know this because they are in jail for their crimes. It is also a fact that the Kahui twins were abused and killed by persons unknown, but that their family were also all on benefits. In fact tkae a look at the child killings and bashings that have been before the courts for the last 3 years. You will find a few things in common.

  • Their caregivers were on welfare
  • They were mostly Maori

As I have said before, people have to own their own shit. The facts are staring us in the face. It seems that Repulsion Camel doesn’t like plain speaking. i prefer the words of Todd McClay than those of a pretend pasifika/westie/naki girl.

If the cap fits wear it. in order to reduce child abuse and child murders we need to speak plainly and honestly. How come when Todd McCaly peaks about poverty and child abuse she rants and raves and forgets that she too has made similar comments.

Life in even a full-benefit household is not luxury for children. A child in poverty starts life poorly, unless the parent(s) is/ are as life-skilled as Ms Bennett herself was or Mr Key’s mother was. For such children there is no “dream” – more often a nightmare. A child who starts off poorly is likely to do poorly in later life.

Pot, Kettle, Black Repulsion Camel.

The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ

Here is a brilliant, succinct summary on the subject of censorship and free speech. I personally don’t subscribe to Philip Pullman‘s point of view and nor am I likely to ever read or purchase his book but I will defend his right to write it and publish it. I don’t like what the left wing has to say but I will protect their right to say it. They of course have no such qualms in shutting down discourse, witness the rabid censorship of Red Alert and The Stranded, and of course the real direct evidence, the Electoral Finance Act, which Labour and it’s support parties implemented to assault our freedom of speech in the contest of ideas.

I am posting on this because I filed and OIA request to try to find out just exactly what process and and the details of that process the Department of Internal Affairs went through to decided unilaterally to implement an internet filter and to arbitrarily decide that some sites on the internet should be banned from being viewed by New Zealanders, even those those sites exist offshore.

Their reply shows pretty much exactly why governments and servants of the government must not be able to circumvent our human rights, yet this is just what the Department of Internal Affairs has done. Read their answer and be afraid. The only real way to challenge them I guess is through a judicial review, but who knows, I certainly don’t.

In a democracy we are supposed to enjoy increasing freedom but somehow politicians and bureacrats are busily eroding those freedoms. We sit and wag the finger at Fiji because they are not a democracy and there needs to be more freedom there and I agree with that, what I don’t agree with is the process through which we are trying to achieve that. But it is totally hypocritical of us to sit here while our own freedoms are being systematically eroded by governments hell bent on passing ever more laws and slowly closing down our freedoms.

I might sound like a weirdo, but it will be people like me that will be saying from the gulags that we told you so. That is if you haven’t already been carted off.

The internet is a wonderful tool, it is breaking down barriers, destroying borders and enabling freedom but our oligarchs (record companies, film industry, media magnates) and our politicians from all sides and the silent sheep who are being led down the path to slaughter all tacitly erode our freedoms every-time an ACTA is passed, every-time a government department decides to restrict what we can and cannot look at. We must stop the nonsense. We must protect our freedoms, we must have a constitution and a bill of rights that sits over our laws, not under.

Using cellphones in cars helps Gingas get their wings

VicRoads anti-cellphone ads, I just bet these are real effective at stopping cellphone use.


Where was the the "significant" announcment?

On behalf of  readers of Whale Oil Beef Hooked I’d like to thank the Mad Mayor of North Shore for deciding to run in the Super City elections, It will be an extreme pleasure to spike his campaign with big billboards in his area with stills of him stumbling down Hurstmere Road with caption like, “Don’t Let a Clown Piss All Over You”.

Meanwhile in his statement to the press today he tells us yet another story, he has told so many (Is it 6 stories now?) it is hard to reconcile any of  it as being truthful. I notice he made his statement right beside the tree he pissed on.

He is an embarrassment and his apology was pathetic.

Support had poured in from across the country after the reports and the episode showed he was a “good Kiwi bloke”, he said.

“I’m sorry. I apologise and it will not happen again,” Mr Williams said.

“I just apologise that women can’t have the same opportunity.”

Likely story, and what is he saying that Women should be able to piss on trees too? Does the fool know it is an offense under the Summary Offences Act 1981, S32;

32 Excreting in public place
  1. Every person is liable to a fine not exceeding $200 who urinates or defecates in any public place other than a public lavatory.
  2. It is a defence in a prosecution under this section if the defendant proves that he had reasonable grounds for believing that he would not be observed.

Who does this guy think he is, laughing in the face of the law? He really is a fucking clown.

The restaurant’s owner, Dominique Parat, said Mr Williams had shared two bottles of wine between four people over four hours and there had been no problem “whatsoever”.

Well of course he is going to say that isn’t he, his liquor license is at stake. The Clown has used the same old hoary argument that it is all an Vast Right Wing conspiracy to attack him. He is seriously deluded. He is the one who has lied six times, he is the one who can’t get his stories straight, he is the one sending drunk emails, he is the one drunk texting, he is the one guzzling wine for 10 hours straight. Where precisely is the secret cabal of people torturing him into doing these things?

His first reaction is always to lie;

Mr Williams initially denied he had sent texts so late, producing four months of phone logs showing that the latest text sent to Mr Key had been at 12.17am on Wednesday, September 16, 2009, when Parliament was debating the second Auckland Bill under urgency and Parliament sat until midnight.

“Act is in behind this,” he told Close Up. “They do not like what I’m doing to Rodney Hide. I’m putting pressure on Rodney Hide, as a result the messenger gets shot.”

What! I can’t believe that repeaters let him get away with this crap? It is now ACT sending his texts for him, when it has been proven that his denials were as false as his sobriety.

His closing statement are unbelievable, he is blaming women diners at GPK in particular and women in general for his public and illegal urination. The man has no shame, he is treating this as a big joke. I suppose being a clown he has to.

I’d love to see him sue Jonathan Marshall and the SST, they must be panting in anticipation so they can present even more evidence in court.

The Whale has also been given a sneak preview of Andrew Williams campaign song.

Ginger Repeater accuses journalist of being creepy

Espiner Minor has lifted himself of the Parliamentary Press Gallery shared bean bag next to the fax machine waiting for Labour Party press releases to rejig and publish, to attack Jonathan Marshall, Gotcha’s journalist of the month.

Glowing Orange with envy Espiner Minor is unhappy that a journo has got off his arse to seek out the truth and publish it.