Retarded Blogger? Drunk Blogger? Perhaps both!

Is Darren Greenwood aka FairFacts Media a few cupcakes short of a picnic or did he start on the cask of wine a bit early today?

Maybe he has been conditioned to respond to random blokes with strange names on NZ Dating.

In other news: Local council installs CCTV in Orewa Beach mens public conveniences after a sudden increase in unsavoury incidents.

Darren Greenwood Fairfacts Media ZDNet Computerworld retard drunk alcoholic

Darren Greenwood on the sauce or a dozen cupcakes short of a picnic?


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  • lofty

    wow whale, you are a man possessed…don’t pull your punches pal, let it all out, dropping tasty titbits just makes me more hungry for info.

    • No one fucks with me or my mates. He knows and will continue to know.

  • lofty

    Yeah fair enough, but you are poking shit at him, at least come right out and be up front, after all we are your faithful readers, what has he done to piss you off so much?
    If you cannot come out and front up over this, don’t use innuendo and obtuse comments.

    You reckon you are afraid of NO MAN… so let us have your version of the truth.

    By the way I have no knowledge of fairfacts or his blog other than a discovery earlier this week.

  • Burtons Balls

    Tell us more…..

  • lofty

    BB for my 2 cents worth, I have no idea what is going here between whale & fairfacts, but I have a sense of fairplay, I reckon smear campaigns (whale this is what it is in my eyes)are sleezy and if the whale is afraid of NO MAN he will front up and reveal all.
    I have followed this blog for a fair old time, and generally enjoy it, the whale normally talks the talk and walks the walk, but on this occassion I find the hiding behind innuendo tedious, and unworthy of him.

  • lofty

    Another 2 cents worth..if you visit fairfacts blog and look at a post about Lord Ashcroft you will find posts from what I consider to be the same poster i.e angry dad Says,
    Little Boys Says,& A. Bandit.

    A definate smear campaign, there may or not be truth to the toilet at Orewa etc innuendo, but it is below contemptable if there is no basis to the campaign, or if there is a basis to it and truth surrounds the smear, out with it whale.
    I am dissapointed in you over this (I know you don’t give a fuck) but I will say this, I for one did not come down in the last shower as I mentioned at fairfacts, If you don’t come clean I am out of your blog for ever ( I know you don’t give a fuck about this after all you are afraid of NO MAN) But none the less you have plummeted in my estimation of you (yes I know you don’t give a fuck)

    • Lofty, you can fuck off if you want to support the slimy little fucker that is Darren Greenwood. My patience ran out with him a log time ago, and he knows it. Everywhere he goes he craps on the people who help his sorry little pathetic life. People only crap on me once.

      How about you go and spend an afternoon with the life sucking little turd and report back. Better still why don’t you trying living with the pig for even a week. After you get done picking up the 4 empty wine bottles a day and rubbing the cheap red wine out of the carpet, cleaning all the dishes and his shit and piss covered bathroom let me know how you got on. Better still email BB and ask him so you don’t have to go through the ordeal.

      What ever you do don’t introduce him to any of your friends because it will take them years of loathing you and themselves before they will ever deign to speak to you again.

      The man, if you can call him that, is a pariah in the blogosphere, go there at your peril.

      You know I actually think he is genuinely surprised with my actions, but that is because I think he is socially and mentally “special”.

  • Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out lofty. Spend an hour or two with Darren and you will understand.

  • Burtons Balls

    no comment…I have no clue what it is all about, being of the illiterati :p and only reading what tweaks my nipples etc. TY for the reply lofty! Dont fuck off…unless you relly want, opinions vary and i want to hear them all lol

  • lofty

    BB opinions do vary, and that is all for the good generally, but when an attack of this nature is underway, it behoves the attacker to come clean.
    Unless the whale is instituting the Sun Tzu art of war principles.
    I am really disappointed in whale over this, he is waging a frontal attack, but as the old saying goes, all is fair in love & war.
    I stand by my statement that if the whale continues in this vein & will not front up, I am out of here. (yeah yeah I know you don’t give a fuck Cam)

    • Lofty, you aren’t getting it. If I front him I, which is unlikely because he buggers off as soon as I turn up……well let’s just say it won’t be pretty.

      One thing for sure is I have studied Sun Tzu, I will not be crapped on and I will get even, it may take me 10 years but I will get even.

      I never hold onto grudges though. As soon as I get even with the SOB I forget it.

      I am embarrassed and apologetic for having introduced hm to my blogging mates. Just count all the blogs he has written on and count in weeks how long he lasts. When so many people all have a problem with one other the best bet is to look at the one to find where the issue lies.

  • lofty

    Fair enough barnsley, I don’t know fairfacts from a bar of soap, and you may well be privy to information and knowledge I do not, but I wuld like to know as a reader (may I say follower of the whale) to know what the fuck is going on here.
    For fucks sake if there is something to be outed, get on with it!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh and Barnsley, get fucked re the door……….

  • Burtons Ball Sack

    I need to change my initials…fuck me even whales beach themselves but wtf is going on BlogWar?

  • lofty

    Thank you whale, now I have something to go on, and I appreciate you fronting, I am able to sort shit from clay and will organise my thoughts. I have met alleged people like this before in my life.

    But the toilet thing is just rotten if there is no basis to it.

    I am still peeved with your flank attack ( yeah I know you don’t give a fuck)

  • I took the feral idiot into my home when he had nowhere to go. Ten months later he eventually left. A more revolting specimen it would be hard to find. An unempoloyed drunk who spends his life living off his parents and drinking himself into a stupor.
    All the bloggers that I count amongst my friends warned me in the strongest possible terms to NOT help him. I wish I had listened to them.
    He wrecked my house, cost me some friends and left some unpaid bills. His personal habits would shame a child raised by wolves. His presence in my home cost me many thousands of dollars in lost income due to his drunken stupidity.
    There is more but I have promised somebody very important to me that I will not publically discuss it to save them what would no doubt be a terrible ordeal.

  • lofty

    Thanks barnsley I have got it, as I said I have known and still know people like this.
    I take you & the whale at your word.
    It would have been easier if the sleeze campaign had not taken place, and whale had just come out with it.
    Oh.. by the way…the door missed my arse.

  • lofty

    My last post on this…does the Orewa dunny story hold water or was it just sleeze.
    Regardless of who, if there is no basis it is very very rotten tactics.
    (yeah yeah I know Cam you don’t give a fuck)

  • inventory2

    Lofty – Barnsley has only given you the sanitised version mate

  • I like Darren, and have met him a couple of times. Of course, I’ve never had to live with him and he’s never fucked me over like that. I’m sorry to hear that he has pissed a few people off.

    All that matters to me is that I like what he writes. I don’t think whatever he’s done to other people should distract from the fact that he’s a good blogger.

  • spanishbride

    I would like the door to be firmly shut on this one.
    We all know he has done you and your friends wrong, he knows it and now the blogosphere knows it.
    No more needs to be said.Not one more iota of energy or time should be expended.Leave him be and get on with it. It isn’t as though we do not already have enough battles in our life to face.