Trotter ain't happy

Chris Trotter isn’t happy with the selection of Repul­sion Camel.

UNBELIEVABLE! The Labour Party has just offered the NZ electorate further proof (if any more was needed) of its accelerating political infirmity.It has just selected Carmel Sepuloni as it Waitakere candidate.

In making this decision it has not only chosen wrongly, but it has also dealt what may prove to be a fatal blow to the career of one of its more talented MPs, Phil Twyford. “Waitakere Man/Woman” is the key to Labour’s recovery.
Trotter suggests rightly that Labour needed to select someone who could match her in street cred’ and shit talk. (Think Outrageous Fortune meets Erin Brocovitch.)

The truly sad aspect of today’s selection is what it tells us about the paucity of talent in Labour’s ranks.
For God’s sake! Two of the four candidates standing were sitting MPs! And dear old Hamish McCracken is a bloody political studies lecturer – just the sort of bloke Waitakere Man and his missus are desperate to sit down and have a drink with at the pub.

The clear goal facing Labour in Waitakere was to choose a candidate who can beat Paula Bennett. That candidate needed to be: female, have a solid working-class background (to which, at some point, she had added a tertiary qualification) be either Pakeha or Maori (or, ideally, a mixture of both) and, most importantly, be capable of “talking shit” with the same cheeky facility as the incumbent. Think Outrageous Fortune meets Erin Brocovitch.

A healthy Labour Party would have women like that lining up for the Waitakere seat. That it has ended up selecting a candidate who would, quite frankly, have been much more usefully matched against National’s Sam Lotu-liga in Maungakiekie (where I also happen to think Labour has made a wrong choice) speaks volumes.

And none of those volumes contain very much in the way of good news.

Trotter can see it, and he is right, Labour’s talent pool is as deep as a carpark puddle. basically Trotter is saying Labour is rooted, just in a far more eloquent manner.

The interesting thing about Repul­sion Camel is no-one really knows who she is. In a meeting with some of the senior Pasefika community leaders in Auckland they were saying “we don’t know her. It isn’t a surprise that she isn’t known in the Pasefika community, which is largely Auckland based, because she was born and raised in Taranaki and from went into the union movment. She is about as Pasefika as I am because I was born in Fiji.

Someone (repeaters) should ask where she is from, what her Pasefika credentials really are, or is she just playing on the funny name and the brown skin. If she is she picked the wrong electorate to play the race card.

Back to the Pasefika community, basically if you raise a name with these folk that person will be someone’s cousin/aunty/uncle  pretty much every time. Repul­sion Camel isnt, and the community leaders just don’t get why Labour are promoting her because she has no standing in the Pasefika community.

“Luimachuwum­bama” Win­nie Laban & Su’a William “So-so” Sio do have standing, they are known, they have credentials and while the Pasefika community leaders  don’t really rate “So-so” he has a chiefly title and has some respect. there is a reason Repul­sion Camel doesn’t have a title, the face doesn’t fit, she is a carpet-bagger from Taranaki for Waitakere and a carpet-bagger trading on her brown skin in the Pasefika community.

If the Greens selected Robyn Malcolm then they may come second pushing Repul­sion Camel to third place.


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  • What does this say about our electoral system, two of the candidates were sitting MP’s and they couldn’t win a internal Labour vote.

    Bugger me. They couldn’t win this but are pulling a MP;s salary. Fuck fuck fuck

  • jimmie

    Hmmm looks like Labia are heading the same way as National prior to 2002. A bit of a lame duck leader, no recognition of where they went wrong……no real direction to come back into government. Also too many old hasbeens franticly holding onto the parliamentary money train……..could see labare heading down into the 20’s before 2011 quite easily………and good riddance to bad rubbish I will say

  • titanuranus

    Anyone really give a fuck what pig trotter has to say ,tho,it is funny to see these fuckwits squealing when things don`t go their way.

  • mediatart

    Sounds like Trotter didnt get invited to Carmels celebration party !

    Women are more likely to be swing voters. Its worked for National.
    Having that slapper bennett win in the first place- shes more Titirangi, than a westie, which is in the New Lynn Electorate.
    Cant see the economy favouring Glen Eden and Swanson/Ranui for Bennett

  • Doug

    Who wields the power in Labour Twyford is a mate of Phil Goff’s. It seems the party has been taken over by the unions or is Helen running the Labour party from America.

  • Badbear

    She won.