Wednesday Weapons – Stealth Slippers

Customs and Border Protection agents apprehended Mexican weed smugglers who tried to disguise their footprints with foam tied to their sneakers while illegally crossing into the U.S

Oh lordy!

Wednesday Weapons - Stealth Slippers

Wednesday Weapons - Stealth Slippers


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  • robf

    Why the face suppression, they all look the same to me.

  • trevormallardsucksmyballs

    It was a great idea. Right up to when they had to run away from the 5-0.

  • jabba

    I saw a flaw straight away .. the “slippers” should have been shaped like a animal or bird (a big bird) footprint

  • aaronp

    Softly softly, near, but not near enough:-)

  • bigkev

    there very clean underneath for having been used in the desert :-)