Homo Troughicis Nelsonii

Maryan Street - TrougherYesterday the travel expenses of MPs were released. I blogged about the differences in travel between scum List MPs and real MPs. After that the tipline ran hot pointing out to me a reason why one scum List MP has such a massive travel bill.

By way comparison Maryan Street lives in Nelson, as does Nick Smith. For domestic travel Maryan Street spent $15,032 for the first quarter of this year and Nick Smith spent $8150 from Ministerial Services (travel for work as a minister) and $6079 from Parliamentary Services (travel for spouses and children). This is astonishing that two MPs from the same area have such different spending for domestic travel. One a minister of the crown and a vastly higher work load than a scum List MP has actually spent less on domestic travel than the scum list MP.

This is highlighted even more when you compare two scum List MPs, David Shearer and Maryan Street. My Little Pony, Jacinda Ardern lives in Auckland and her travel bill was almost identical to Maryan Street’s. David Shearer, a real MP from Auckland, spent just $5145 on domestic air travel.

Hmmmm….something isn’t right here. I decided to look at all the figures available for Maryan Street.

Jan 1 – 30 June 2009 (6 months) – $34,842

1 July – 30 Sep 2009 – $21,663

1 Oct – 31 Dec 2009 – $10,950

1 Jan -31 March 2010 – $15,032

Total (15 months) – $82,487

I then looked at Air New Zealand’s website to check how much a return airfare between Wellington and Nelson is. A flexi-plus airfare at popular business travel times is between $166 and $201 one way. I’ve averaged it out to arrive at a figure of $367.00 for a return flight. That means that Maryan Street has used 224 return flights against her account for 15 months. Or an average of 15 flights per month. Except the figures don’t show the real travel when looking at averages.

Jan 1 – 30 June – 15.8 flights per month

1 July – 30 Sep 2009 – 19.6 flights per month

1 Oct – 31 Dec 2009 – 9.9 flights per month

1 Jan -31 March 2010 – 13.6 flights per month

Now most MPs I know fly to Wellington on Monday night and return Thursday night and only when parliament is sitting but let’s be generous and assume 1 return flight per week even for weeks when parliament isn’t sitting. That should mean that over 15 months Maryan Street by travelling at the absolute minimum would have had just 60 flights instead of the 224 flights she has racked up against her Parliamentary Services account. Even is she travels twice a week that only gets us to 120 flights. There are about 450 days in 15 months so Maryan Street is charging return flights to Nelson to her account almost every second day. Surely not?

Then I remembered something.

Miss Clark’s former chief press secretary, Kathryn Street, has left for fulltime university study.

Maryan Street’s wife Kathryn Street is studying full-time at University. Good for her. I wonder though if she is studying at Victoria University? There doesn’t seem to be any Universities in Nelson and the closest would be Victoria University. Nice to have a partner who can pay for the commute, means you can stay in your own house instead of doing what every other student from Nelson would have to do and live in Wellington.

This is seriously taking great liberties with the intent of parliamentary travel for spouses and I would hazard a suggestion that this in fact should be called a rort. The taxpayers are coughing up about half of Maryan Street’s travel bill so that her wife can attend university. I certainly don’t think that is on. Remember too that Maryan Street is a scum List MP so there is zero reason for her to commute anyway. The troughing must end.


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  • inventory2

    If the nose fits, …

  • michaels

    With so many statistics one would think your spending to much time with Farrar.
    However, me thinks it time for that little piggie to go to market!!! (both of them)

  • pita

    And who said pigs can’t fly?

  • biker99999

    They both deserve to be outed for their greed…..well done WhaleOil

  • kaper

    A pig of a woman. I’m glad the Labour party are attracting this level of candidate and the fact that the other Labour party MP’s turn a blind eye to this shows the corruption within. Labour returning to power is being pushed out year on year.

  • scanner

    This is turning into Groundhog Day, just the same old shit again and again, when is someone in the house going to actually grow a set of nads and bring this shit to an end.
    We all seem to pay taxes so this dyke and her tounge and groove partner amongst many others, can live the good life, no wonder this country is going down the shitter at warp speed.
    There is no point in blaming just Labour over this crap it’s the whole system that’s rotten, tear the fucking thing down and start again, or at the very least let a little sunlight in to start the cleansing process

  • megashitstirrer

    WO you are being an absolute rotter insinuating that maid marian has a partnership in crime with a fellow street person.

    Next we will be hearing that Chuck Shovel and Nick Smith have been wallowing in their carbon emissions on the lounge floor.

  • kehua

    What is it with Gays and aeroplanes?

  • grizz

    It is with such respect for public money did Street turn ACC towards the direction that she did. It became fucked and now I am forced to pay more for it!

    In today’s society, there is no place today in government for a trougher.

  • grizz

    Homo Troughicis Listmpii

  • cadwallader

    I wonder whether Air NZ has any better customer than the taxpayer…the same taxpayer who dragged the airline out of financial oblivion a decade ago?

  • iclubbabyseals

    Sit @ Wellington on any day and look at who’s getting onto planes. There’s plenty of pollies for sure, but plenty of real people too. I’m sure the national carrier could happily do without some of the spoilt behaviour from self-important people, and I doubt they bump full-fare passengers off a full plane anyway

  • illalwaysrememberportugal

    What gives me the screamers about these pollies is that just because they have all of these lovely benefits available to them, doesn’t mean to say they have to take them. If this ‘blister’ (List MP) is taking more flights in a week than I do in a month (and I live and work in Europe six months of the year), then she should be flogged. Pollies should use the rule of thumb my employer told me: “When using the company credit, just think, would I pay for this personally”? I would suggest, Ms. Streets’ answer would be no. Therefore, don’t expect your employer, the NZ tax payer to foot the bill.