Is Andrew Williams stalking Nikki Kaye?

Andrew Williams stalking Nikki Kaye

Andrew Williams stalking Nikki Kaye

Andrew Williams is a fool, a clown, a drunk and an idiot. He taken to posting creepy messages on MPs Facebook pages, including the one above which shows just how unsuited this person is to be a mayor met alone a councillor.

It can’t be too long before he is drastically in the crapper again.


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  • toby

    What an insufferable twat. He’s like your lame uncle who thinks he’s clever, making lame jokes.

  • johnqpublic

    Why would he have thought the MP for Auckland Central would’ve attended a PO opening in Northcote? Why does he not remember not being there? Is he completely stoopid or just a twat?

  • robf

    The scary thing is that he might just get re-elected on name recognition.