New Nickname for Tinkerbell

Labour derisively nicknamed Chris Finlayson “Tinkerbell”, which given the release of the latest evidence of Labour’s caucus antics is  just a tad hypocritical. But now Chris Finlayson has given himself the new nickname.

NZPA | Monday April 19, 2010 – 07:56am
Attorney-General Chris Finlayson says he feels like “a Pollyana” when it comes to solving the foreshore and seabed issue, despite the appearance of wide gaps between the Crown and Maori over the issue.

Mr Finlayson fronted up to around 100 Maori at a hui in Porirua on Friday to outline the Government’s proposal to place the foreshore into the public domain and give Maori some ability to test through the courts their claims to customary title over coastal areas.

Halfway through a series of hui, Mr Finlayson declared himself to be Pollyanna in finding a resolution the controversial issue.

Pollyanna is a popular fictional character who transformed people’s lives through her endlessly sunny optimism in the worst situations.


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  • kulturkampf

    Also Pollyanna was a metaphor for a time when “de black folks were de servants of de white folks – and had de rhythmn and did what eva de massa dun want … yeah” You know … uncle toms cabin and other classics – if you really want to go deep and meaningful – louisa may alcotts “little women” was a literary giant among writings as well. America … de land of de free …. and fuk de workin class

    Pollyanna was a product of a white supremacist bigotted narrowminded right wing society – no wonda de bitch feel good an sunny – she on de top fukin de poor folks ova yeah!!! … privilege and aristocratic upbringing were paramount over all. The National Party should become hindus and adopt a strict caste system … now who vill be de brahmins…. i wonder

  • sweetdisorder

    kulturkampf, what the fuck are you smoking?

  • kulturkampf

    sweet dis whatever … i dont know dude .. my comment is hidden cos no one likes it … i gonna cry sooon.
    Is pollyanna your cousin – cos honestly dude – i didnt mean it … like if you got that slave thing goin on im down wid dat dude.

    Dude you an yo bruddas know what a “met – a – phor” is bro … cos i tink yo college edducation got fuked up ma niggah … yo!!!!

    I smoke pure jamaican purple pineapple ma bro … lift da top offn yo haid … an whale gotta luv dat shit… yo


  • sweetdisorder

    kulturkampf, seriously I have never heard that pollyanna was a racist term. Lighten up.

  • kulturkampf

    Sweetdis .. mate you need to read my comment properly … and you need to understand the era during which that literature was spawned….. Mark Twain was a racist (i dont think he was … but he would be termed so now …) Point i am making is that Mr Whale is a man who lightly uses imagery, words, metaphors and frankly the best of western culture in an immoderate and brutish manner to support his unlearned and brutish conclusions … to one end … his own personal gain…..

    Pollyanna represents an age of innocence .. where people thought that that what they were told was the truth and right. In the 1860’s men died in the american civil war for that foolishness .. and it happened again in the 1960’s and early 1970’s

    People like Whaleoil and others (left center and right) seem to want us to all to be positive unquestioning “pollyannas” on a hollywood movie set saying “aw goshdarned aw shucks…” and other dumb shit.

    we need to think for ourselves and cut out the aristocracy from our midst.