The Mad Mayor has a fan page

The Mad Mayor of North Shore has a fan page on Facebook. I don’t think he knows about it though. I love the video on the post about saving water.

Whoever set the page up needs to post more frequently about bars he’s attended, wine consumed etc.

Mayor Andrew Williams Facebook Fan Page

Mayor Andrew Williams Facebook Fan Page


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  • scanner

    Is this guy for real or are we having another wee psychotic moment.
    Think how much water we could save if we all popped around and pissed on his front lawn, better still we would save even more if we all “curled a steamer” while we were there, that would give Mrs Mad Mayor something to talk to the media about.
    Possibly the reason she didn’t want him pissing in the shower was that she was in there at the time.

  • inventory2

    That last bit falls into the “far too much information” basket scanner!