May 2010

Monday Mullets – Rost in Transration

This is the murret.

Monday mullets - lost in translation

Monday Mullets - Lost in Translation

A fan video

I got an email today from a fan.


I’m a regular reader, but never comment. Ordinarily I wouldn’t, but then I saw that prick ‘Chelsea Smith’s’ email.

Anyway I stumbled across something on friday that made my week. I thought you might get a kick out of it so I’ve made one for you. Replace ‘Swedish’ with ‘New Zealand’ and I think that’s a fair description of yourself.

It might take a few minutes to load up, but I promise it’s worth it. Enjoy!

Keep up the good work taking it to those bastard insurers. I’ve just been sorting out some medical insurance for myself, and Fidelity Life is right the hell off the list.

Shot brother!

Hope you enjoy the link.


Almost there

Not even a week. The Google search results for Fidelity Life are getting embarrassing for them. I wonder why they won’t communicate? If the repeaters can find my details then surely an insurance flunky can. Haven’t even had a call from my agent, you know the one who gets commissions from MY policies.

Fidelity Life sucks

Fidelity Life Sucks

Is this Mr My Little Pony?

A man and a horse were photographed by the amazing Norrie Montgomery. Could this perhaps be the Mr My Little Pony?

It could be the BRIGHT red dress but I do think My Little Pony is looking a bit heavy in the barrel, stifle and quarters.

Mr and Mrs My Little PonyMr and Mrs My Little Pony

Photo from the A-List: Mr and Mrs My Little Pony

Margaret Thatcher's Dead Parrot Sketch

Boing Boing have resurrected the famous Margaret Thatcher Dead parrot sketch where she talks about the LibDem’s logo.

A possible solution for recidivist offenders

Minister Collins take note


Dennis Hopper dies

I suspect he may have been dead for quite sometime, just no-one told him about it. Dennis Lee Hopper (May 17, 1936 – May 29, 2010)

The Lord Kitchener of the Environment

Nick Smith is Lord KitchenerNick Smith is right about one thing.  His mad ETS is like Gallipoli – New Zealand will storm the beach before anyone else, get slaughtered and the rest of the world will say: “Thanks New Zealand, now the rest of us know not to land on that beach.”  Nick Smith is the Lord Kitchener of our tim.

This time it will be the whole country that is slaughtered on overseas economic battlefields.

The casualties will be New Zealand industry, New Zealand farms, and New Zealand workers.

We will sacrifice New Zealand and its people for a foreign idea, to save foreign countries, for foreign reasons.

And like Gallipoli it will be all for nothing.


The cosy arrangments of Insurers and Specialists

Fidelity Life | We Don't Care, So you Don't have toThis post is to demonstrate just how cosy the arrangements are between insurance companies and their chosen professionals that they use to root you over. In particular the relationship between Ralf Schnabel and Fidelity Life.

One of the so-called profesionals that was used to provide “evidence” of my complete recovery from depression was Ralf Schnabel.

In the past 6 years he has met me precisely once and then for 3 hours. Not the full three hours ind, just the first 40 minutes and the last 30 minutes, the rest of the time was spent filling out a complex set of questions to ascertain whether or not my cognitive functions were impaired. Not surprisingly they aren’t, though his tests do conclusively show I suffer depression (amongst other things) and not only that, the depression is above average. Fidelity Life used this test as the basis of saying that because my cognitive functions are un-impaired and that I have had a head injury then I can work full time. Of course the fact that Schnabel broke all the rules in the book in publishing the showing the graphs, scores and results completely out of context is beside the point.

It isn’t surprising then to note that Mr Ralf Schnabel has a nice cosy relationship with Fidelity Life. So cosy that he gets invited to speak at the quarterly meeting of the Auckland Branch of Life And Disability Underwriting & Claims Assessors Association.

The cosy arrangements of Fidelity Life and their professionals

The cosy arrangements of Fidelity Life and their professionals

Note that the chair and one of the committee members are from Fidelity Life. Cindy Morby and Mark Brown. I’m sure they are nice folk, but the company they work for isn’t. I wonder if Ralf shared just exactly how good his role is for the industry is getting rid of pesky, annoying claimants, who won’t get well on the insurance company’s time-frame?

LADUCA’s newsletter also makes for interesting reading. Especially the article on how to ensure you drag the chain on claims as long as possible and put your client through the wringer. Oh sure it isn’t written that way but that is exactly the advice that is being given.

I really do think a select committee should be looking closely at insurance companies, especially if National is thinking that opening up ACC to competition might solve issues.

Since this hit the news I have also been alerted to several cases that Ralf Schnabel is involved in with Fidelity Life. I am talking with those affected, one of whom has a complaint against him before the psychologists board. I will post more details of these cases when the claimants give me permission. Fidelity Life told me that they only rarely use Schnabel (3-4 times per year), yet in the space of one afternoon have found at least three people shafted by this guy and Fidelity Life. I bet if I shake the tree a bit harder I can find some more.

Oh and a Google Search for Fidelity Life is really interesting now.

Heads above parapet always get shot at

Iain Lees Galloway shags the stenographerIain Lees-Galloway has been stirring shit. So much shit that the normally placid Manawatu Standard has got its knickers in a twist over a $30 per head breakfast in Palmerston North featuring Craig Foss as a guest speaker.


Well precisely. Farrar, Barnsley and I were joking that Iain Lees-Galloway was complaining about an MP speaking about the budget like it was all some sort of conspiracy and that Craig Foss probably isn’t even on the committee that gets to choose the font for the budget documents, or the stoock photos to accompany it.

This is just another Labour attempt to get a smear on. Well Mr Lees-Galloway if you want to go smearing then you should really have your own house in order. you see Iain Lees-Galloway is a rooter, a serial rooter, not as good as The Mangrove, but a rooter nonetheless.

I mean having a poor Hansard stenographer in tears after shagging her silly for months by telling her that in a choice between her or the missus, the missus was the one. She just wanted to know where she stood and you had to let her know it was “stood up”.

Let’s not forget the persistant rumours of your participation in the great 2008 Press Gallery booze heist. From what I hear Lees-Galloway is just lucky one of Phil’s staffers took one for the team.

Now stop your silly nonsense or you’ll get a harder slap.