Bernie declares for Mayor of Gingaslovakia

Bernie has finally declared he will stand for the mayoralty in Gingaslovakia.

Jim Anderton - The People's MayorProgressive Party leader Jim Anderton has confirmed he will stand for election as mayor of Christchurch in October, and says if he wins he won’t retire from Parliament until next year’s general election.

The 72-year-old Wigram MP said today he wasn’t prepared to complain about Christchurch issues any longer without trying to do something about them.

“I am therefore officially announcing that I will be a candidate for the Christchurch mayoralty in the October local body elections,” he told a meeting in the city.

“I will be standing as ‘Jim Anderton – the People’s Mayor’.”

So Bernie thinks it will be a-OK to double dip. Can’t wait to see Caropotamus’ press release, or Patsy’s about that, maybe S’ua William Sio will come out and say something too.

As for his campaign title, well, that didn’t go so well for Dick Hubbard.

Bernie should resign from parliament now, if he won’t do that then at the very least he should quit the pretense that The Progressives are a party and that he is their leader. Perhaps the authorities should conduct an audit of their membership records to see if there are 500 members.

The Blogmobile is definitely going to have to go to Christchurch this year.


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  • sponge

    Oh Christ – the last thing we need down here is this prick with an over inflated ego trying to run the show. I wouldn’t let him run a bloody scout den. I can just imagine all the namby pamby “initiatives” he will come up with to suck more cash from the poor old ratepayer.

  • monty

    The prick is not double dipping – he is triple dipping = he is also taking Givernment Superannuation – and do not forget that poorest are paying for the overbloated oaf via their taxes. Why should a multi-millionaire like Anderton get superannuation? beyond me.

  • Ciaron

    Sweet! I’ll see you and the Manatee at the stock xchange for a couple of swift ones!

  • jimmie

    Hmmm I wonder if he is going to lose his leaders payment and he wants the mayoralty wage as a substitute…..

    Don’t forget his super payments as well.

    For someone who tries to ‘represent’ the humble working man and uphold socialist utopia as the ideal for NZ Anderton certainly has pretensions as an old fashioned capitalist.

    Heh perhaps he really believes a person’s private and public lives are separate.

    I.e. Public Socialist Private Capitalist – sort of like Graham Capil Public Christian – Private Kiddly Fiddler.

    About time Anderton looked for a comfy retirement home for himself but I guess troughing is a hard addiction to beat.

  • bigkev

    still on the tit at 72, how sad is that, now he’s gona be on 2 tits that just makes me fkn angry :-|, how much ya reckon he’s had off us since he first started sucking

  • scanner

    Great just what the people of ChCh need Jimbo the reconstituted MP, FFS this guy is the original retread, he just keeps on coming back and back and back, look at his history every time he tosses the toys he just reincarnates himself, it’s like Groundhog day and Easter all rolled into one.
    Wake up folks, see him for what he is a fraud, Jim always claimed to represent the working man, but seems to have no problems shoveling large amounts of the working mans tax into into his pocket as he triple dips into the parliamentary trough, and then he lines up to shaft the rate payers of Chch.
    In some respects it would be funny to see Bernie get the job and shown the people of Chch his true colours, might just be ECAN all over again.
    Wait and see after Bernie gets back from the embalmers to see what form he has appeared in next.

  • titanuranus

    But,but he`s doing us a favour by double dipping,cos a by-election will cost more than his parlimentary salary,allegedly.
    See, he does care about us,the long suffering fucking taxpayer,what a legend,long live jimbo, cunt.

  • scum nothing but scum

  • michaels

    Farrar has him on 700K a year, not a bad earner for a trougher.
    The cunt says he will donate his Mayor’s salary to charity, oh dear fucking Winston all over again…. HOW ABOUT NOT TAKING A FUCKING SALARY?!?!?!?!


  • arnie

    MP’s have been for years telling us that they work 60hrs + a week, now the truth is out. How can he do both jobs at once.

    Impoosible I say to do justice to both positions, and how much tax/rates is he flogging from the average person. Even if he says he is giving one to charity, that is my choice not his to donate/spend my money.

  • jonno

    If he worked 2 jobs at 60 hrs/week, that’s just 48 hrs a week left for everything else. after commuting, he’ll be down to 2 hrs sleep a night. And think of the gobshite he’s been coming out with for the last 30 years. Imagine what he’d come up with, with sleep deprivation.

    For starters, I’m picking he’ll rename Chch to Andertongrad, and force everyone to write their “R”s back to front.

    Good luck, komrades.

  • thor42

    The ***bloody multi-dipping HYPOCRITICAL troughing scumbag!***

    For DECADES he’s been spouting off about the “poor working class”. Yeah sure – but they’re not so poor that you refuse to take your gold-plated Super payments from their taxes, Jim.

    Not so poor that you won’t be double-dipping from them. Even if you donated the mayor’s salary to charity, the money STILL came from others in the first place. Your pathetic donation scam doesn’t get you out of the poo. The money came from others – it should STAY with them – not go to a HYPOCRITICAL RICH PRICK (to use Cullen’s words) like yourself.

    F**king HYPOCRITE! Bugger off to a retirement home, FFS.