Lisa Lewis takes one in the arse on Youtube

Ta Cactus for the link.


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  • grizz

    Lisa Lewis gets her antibiotic injection, the old school way.

  • toaster

    This idiot streaks (with clothes on ???) a number of years ago and she still thinks people are interested in her. Newsflash for you bitch FUCK OFF no one gives a flying fuck about what you do. Should my partner video herself taking her birth control and put it on Youtube.
    Talk about over doing your 15 minutes of fame (by about 14 and a half minutes)

  • crabby

    haha what a butterface

  • Just a little prick in the arse, is that cheaper?

  • megashitstirrer

    So thats anal? She appears a reasonable chassis from the neck down but the head will have to come off.

  • iclubbabyseals

    She is the one of the few girls I regret seeing naked….

  • P1LL

    why would anyone pay to sleep with her ?

  • titanuranus

    “Just a lit­tle prick in the arse, is that cheaper?”
    I daresay Paul, you just may have to pay extra for that.

  • megashitstirrer

    “Just a lit­tle prick in the arse, is that cheaper?“
    I dare­say Paul, you just may have to pay extra for that.

    I dunno, another year or two and there are likely to be two for one discounts.