Marauding Cars Killing Our Kiddies

My headline is every bit as bad as the one up on Stuff at the moment. Their story is even worse.

Car Killers?

Car Killers?

Nayan Samuel Woods, four years old, was killed when a car lost control in wet conditions on Linwood Avenue and mounted the curb.

His six-year-old brother Jacob suffered multiple fractures and is now in stable condition at Christchurch Hospital. Their mother, who was walking with them, suffered only minor injuries.

Uhmmm….the car didn’t lose control. It is a tool, a machine, it is operated by a human. We currently do not have remote or even robot cars in common usage so it is simply not possible for the “car” to have lost control. The driver of a car lost control. That is all. Except that it isn’t. This really does appear to be a robot var running wild in Christchurch.

The car involved slid from side to side on the road before climbing the footpath and hitting the children. One News described the driver as a boy racer doing drifts.

Police said charges will be laid against the driver, but alcohol didn’t appear to be a factor.

Of course alcohol wasn’t a factor. Everyone knows that cars don’t drink and this car not only ost control but it slid from side to side, then climbed a pavement before hitting two children. Through the only actual good bit of repeating we can now know the cause of the accident, wasn’t anything other than a bad case of fuck-witted-ness from a driver.


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  • oswaldbastable

    Killer cars are real- I have proof!

  • oswaldbastable

    But seriously- if it was a boy racer hooning, his punishment shout be to be used as a harrow and dragged behind a tractor out at Mclean’s Island until he is the size of a four-year old child!

  • jimmie

    I disagree Whale – if the car involved was methanol injected then it would be correct that alcohol was involved.

  • alit

    unfortunately the repeaters expect a press release – they do off the cuff poorly – until the cops write the copy for them they are screwed

  • ratchet

    As a parent I can say with all honesty, if that was one of my boys, I would kill that useless boy-racer cunt. Slowly and painfully. There is no excuse for an accident like that, NONE AT ALL.