No Conscience in Labour

The Labour caucus is blabbing, there aren’t happy campers in there, most notable is Grant “Daffyd” Robertson , the opposition spokesman for the homeless.

He has been caterwauling loudly (o loudly that The Whale has heard about it) that the Labour caucus is to be whipped on the drinking age with no allowance for a conscience vote. He is not at all happy with Goff’s conservatism over this issue. You heard it here first. Labour will NOT be allowing a conscience vote on the drinking age. Probably because none of them actually have a conscience.

Meanwhile the pin up boy for the campaign to restrict alcohol to minors is a dead thief and a liar who couldn’t handle his piss and killed himself.? I always said Kings boys were poofs.

A 16-year-old Auckland schoolboy who died in his sleep after drinking a bottle of vodka outside a party at the weekend had “everything to live for”, his uncle says.

King’s College student James Webster’s uncle, Donald Webster, said his nephew on Saturday told his father he was going to a friend’s house to study, but instead went to an 18-year-old’s birthday party with a bottle of vodka he may have taken from the house where he was staying.

The party organisers would not let him in with the alcohol so he sat in his car and drank the vodka straight from the bottle, possibly with friends.

Ok let’s dissect that hopeless repeating. A toffee-nosed school boy drank himself to death yet he “had everything to live for”. He lied about going to a friends house, he might have nicked a bottle of Vodka (poof’s drink) and possibly had some friends help him on his way. The only thing certain about the repeating is that the thief and liar is dead.

Now let’s get some things straight here.

  • The law is already set at 18 so he was drinking illegally anyway. Strike 1.
  • The law says you can’t can’t steal but he did that too. Strike 2.
  • He lied to his father. Strike 3.
  • The party organisers were the good guys.
  • His friends aren’t. Strike 4.

Nothing about this activity and the resulting death has anything to do with raising the age of access to alcohol. If that were to happen then this kid would have just died more illegal than he already was.

The wowsers and anti-fun police need to blame no-one but the kid who died. He has found out all too late just exactly what personal responsibility looks like. The law doesn’t need changing.