No, You look like a dick

From Stuff

Dick Head thinks he is a vampire

Dick Head arrested for being a vampire


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  • naylor

    He will be a novelty for the bitches while in the slammer.

  • michaels

    I saw a dick yesterday in Browns Bay with those stupid ears, I just wanted to stick my finger in and pull the fucker!!!
    DICK = YES

  • angrywasp

    All the metal shit in his face is magnetised and supposed to help prevent acne.

    It’s not working.

  • trevormallardsucksmyballs

    “Yeah, I bit a guy … he hit on my missus. My girlfriend and my mate were biting him. I was angry with him, so I used it as an excuse.

    “I didn’t bite him to hurt him. I bit him because I was pissed off with him and he was my mate and I didn’t want to hurt him.

    “If I’d hit him, I’d have really hurt him, so I thought I’ll bite him seeing as they’re already biting him.

    “[Drinking blood] wasn’t my agenda, I was just angry …””

    So he looks like a dick and has the brains of a labour frontbencher – he admits to the assault to the paper and drops his mates in it as well.

    The vampire thing is much about nothing – thats not the ‘bit’ (geddit) thats going to land you in a cell.

    Still one more off the street.

    @michaels – I worked as a bouncer for years – used to love the guys with shit in their face – grab it and pull and they follow – its like walking a puppy.

  • bigbruv

    Laugh at this loser all you like guys, but in ten years time when he decides that he wants to get a real job and goes into WINZ guess who is going to be left with the bill for surgery to correct the fuck up he has made of his ears.

    Yep….we are.

  • oldtimer

    dont matter what they look like when they’re hanging off a shovel ,sweating.
    Not that i can see the photo as it seems my high speed dial up is burning up the cable again and i need to go get a bucket of water to cool it down.
    the one downside of country living in the middle of nowhere important.

  • michaels

    ring TV3 oldtimer, Telecom will have broadband on for you by dinner time!!!

  • jimmie

    you look like a dick….hmmm with that nose make look like a duck…quack quack lol

  • perhaps when he comes back in another life he can ask to be a TAMPON

  • littlesteps

    I just don’t understand why they have his picture, he is accused of biting someone with 2 others FFS. He is beyond a dick I reckon.

  • Meet the next Labour / Green candidate for Wellington Central.

  • oldtimer

    I’m a little to far out in the middle of nowhere michaels for it get here by dinnertime.
    Its decided to download now ,maybe my neighbour 8ks up the road was on.Everyone else around here is on sat for internet.
    I dont mind dial up i dont really need broadband.

    I hitch hike everywhere and quite a lot of young people pick me up some with looks like this but i always find them friendly and courteous towards me.
    As for vampires well i come from a line of cannibals so really unless you want some recipes the less i say the better.

  • oswaldbastable

    I want to stick my index finger through the ear thing, flick the metalwork on the snout off with my thumb, fling the fucker and see if he explodes.

    Of course if he doesn’t, the drill is to put a couple of blocks of C4 around him and make sure he does go bang!

  • grizz

    “No you look like a Dick”

    Yep, a total fucking cock!