Qantas Media Awards 2010

I saw this year that the Qantas Media Awards 2010 had supposedly amped up the blog section to breaking news stories and blogs of actual newsworthy relevance. Last year the fat Maori librarian won over the generation z idiot who is already in 50k of debt. Real blog worthies NOT!

But I’ve just read that the 3 finalists this year for Best Blog are 2 parenting blogs from Fairfucks and the NZ Herald and a computer geek who barely strings a sentence together. The computer geek even posts about his finalist place as though it was a fucking surprise. Since it is self entering, ie you fill the entry form out yourself, it shouldn’t be any surprise that he was selected.Plus he onmly blogs about once a week,m even Russell Brown can manage more than that 1 week in four, especially when Lamb Chops are on special.
Neither I nor any real blogger could be arsed filling out the entry form. Plus the entry form required your editor to sign it off. HELLO! We are bloggers you MSM fuck-heads, editors are scum who cramp your style. To me filling out a form nominating yourself smacked of bending over and blowing smoke up your own arse while giving yourself a reach around.

The Qantas Media Awards are nothing but self-serving of the MSM protecting their own by terming  a journo writing garbage online, a blog. In fact the NZ Herald doesn’t even do that. They dropped the blog titles from their website months ago. So technically the whiny tart blogging about sick, crap and wet nappies isn’t even a blogger let alone a blo-jo.

The irony, that I am sure has completely escaped, the judges, the MSM repeaters and their editorial nursemaids/botty-wipers is that NONE of those nominated even gets close to being in the top 50 bloggers that matter in this country. Hell, according to that smack-bummed face Deborah Coddington not even I am influential, so where does that place these three?

Good grief, how credible can these awards be when under the Newspaper of the Year (over 30,000 circulation) finalists are listed as The Waikato Times, The Press, The New Zealand Herald. Well fuck me both The manatee and I have more circulation than them.

I contend that my Media Rating System is far more accurate than these awards. Boy I can’t wait for the full page ads and the self-congratulatory 60 second puff pieces about how faaaabulous then repeaters are in winning awards they entered themselves in.


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  • angrywasp

    If its such a load of shit why do you care?? You should have entered and when you didn’t win you could have sour grapes for real.

  • tristanb

    It seems that every year after the Qantas awards, both TV1 and TV3 news both claim to have won the news prize.

    And I’m sure they’re right. Qantas must give the channels a similar prize each, that way everyone gets publicity, and the celebs can get plastered courtesy of Qantas’s marketing department and NZ On Air.

  • cactuskate1


    Whale didn’t even enter. I know this because he is too lazy to fill in a form.

    Any blog awards without Kiwiblog as a finalist lacks credibility. I said that last year and I will say it again.

    When the criteria this year clearly stated they would take news relevance and breaking stories into account for the judges criteria and the 3 finalists are a geek who posts once a week and 2 parenting blogs written on MSM sites then hello – all you have is more MSM bullshit.

    And that’s why we care. Because the MSM again lied, even when giving out awards they lie.

  • angrywasp

    Was kiwiblog entered? Last year and this year??

  • nzben

    Love your work Mr Oil. Let me know if you need help filling in the entry form next year. I can barely string a sentence together, but I *can* translate crayon and smeared faeces.

    • Out of the three “bloggers” you are the only real one so hope you win, but pray tell which breaking stories stories did you file in the qualifying period?

  • nzben

    I have zero inside knowledge of the judging criteria, but my understanding is this year’s expanded “Website” categories are designed to cover stuff like “best breaking news story” or “best news”.

    My guess according to the QMA, and moreso looking at the other finalists, “blogs” are sites that don’t do that?

  • mediatart

    Any fool can see ‘ben’ is there to make up the numbers.
    There are more prizes than sheets in a roll of Purex. AS about worthy also.
    What about the time they claimed the judges were from the ‘Columbia School of Journalism’. Yeah right Columbia , Missouri.

  • bigkev

    tris­tanb on May 17th, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    yea i’ve wondered about that too, every year both tv1 and tv3 claim they’ve won the prize, same with the net awards both stuff and herald claim wins every year.

    i bet porkchop filled in her form :-)

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  • cactuskate1


    “I have zero inside knowl­edge of the judg­ing cri­te­ria”. Sigh, it was written on the form and below the category “website” heading.

    Anyway as I said in my post, we hope you win on the basis that the other 2 are not bloggers and should be disqualified for definitely not meeting the judging criteria.