You gotta hope Brendon Burns is in Labour?s strategy team

Lord Burns of Malborough is talking out his arse.

At a Labour meeting over the weekend, a member raised a question about whether Winston was going to stand.? I said, without a doubt and then ventured this thought about where. Epsom.

The Labour folk instantly understood the power of this. It would give Winston a chance to go head-to-head with another party leader. The media would love it. It is an Auckland seat making it easy for television to cover. The good people of Epsom may not be so enamoured with Mr Hide, now his Perkbuster mantle has fallen?And if Winston did manage to take out Rodney (yes it is the most affluent seat in the country but? the Alliance once nearly won Tamaki..), then he damages, perhaps fatally, the National/ACT coalition. Ah, sweet revenge?

The man is congenitally stupid. Rodnbey would like nothing better to than for Winston Raymond Peters, 65, unemployed of St Mary’s Bay.

The voters of Epsom are far smarter than Labour and/or Lord Burns of Marlborough.