Here we go again

Folole MuliagaThe family of Auckland woman Folole Muliaga plan to sue both Mercury Energy and Middlemore Hospital over the mother of four’s tragic death.

Legal papers are to be filed at the Auckland High Court seeking financial redress from Mercury and the hospital regarding Mrs Muliaga’s death, which followed power being cut to her Mangere home in 2007, Fairfax media reported.

Mrs Muliaga, 45, a morbidly obese woman, was using a mains-powered oxygen machine and died three hours after a contractor to Mercury Energy disconnected her power over an unpaid bill of $168.40.

Brenden Sheehan making a political comeback? Wants to further his career off the corpse of his relative? Who knows, he has done it before but here is my take on this.

See the attached wills checklist published in the latest LawNews (Auckland District Law Society) publication.

Usually these advertisements are placed a few months after the death if the law firm does not hold a current will of the deceased client.? They are also published if someone (usually a complaining beneficiary) thinks a more recent will is held somewhere, and they might benefit from it.

It is strange to find an ad 3 years after the person has died.

My pick is that some lowlife potential beneficiary has decided the lady had no assets and therefore no will.? But if they sue the Crown and win then there will be assets.? So this ad will be to see if a will exists that might give those assets to somebody else other than the person making the enquiry (probably the person pursuing the legal action).

I could be wrong, but that’s my hunch.

I wouldn’t give them much odds on winning either. Remember this is a case where a morbidly obese woman had been refused any further medical care due to her size, was sent home to die and went about doing exactly that, with her sons strumming the guitar and singing to her instead of picking her up (ok, that’s a stretch, wheeling her wheelchair) and taking her to the neighbours for some power, or even at the very least stringing an extension power lead. I do note that though they couldn’t carry her next door for some power they had no trouble at all carrying her coffin.

It is purely coincidental that the power man fortuitously arrived to coincide with her demise. The simple facts with regards for culpability for her death lies entirely with the dead woman who fed herself to death. Harsh but true. If she hadn’t scoffed up so much that the hospital refused to give her anymore treatment then she wouldn’t have needed an oxygen machine and wouldn’t have died when the power went off.

Coincidentally there have been three city wide power outages, that I can recall,? in the time since her death and not a single person died as a result of those mishaps.