Interesting Victims

Dr. Greg Denny

The man is a moron.

If he didn’t want to be famous he shouldn’t have had 300,000 pornographic images on his ACC supplied computer. I’ve already been charged for this idiot, best $1000 bucks I ever spent.

This guy is (well he was before this) a very Senior Doctor in Palmerston North. He worked as the Branch Medical Officer for ACC also. It was on his work laptop they found all the images.

“It is not understating [sic] it to say that his blog then constitutes a crime scene and [the Manawatu Standard was] abetting in the commission of a criminal offence,” the man said. He accused Mr Slater of committing a crime by publishing his name and “from that point onwards I am protected by the Victims’ Rights Act”.

Fuckwit, What about all of his victims huh?, oh that’s right a stupid judge thought that he should have name suppression because none of the images were of New Zealand children so no one got hurt.

The attitude of this idiot knows no bounds.

Since he thinks he is the victim, then he may as well suck up a bit more victim-hood. Abusers akways make out that they are the real victims. Fuckwit!

Welcome to being famous in a bad way.