It really was Winston First when it came to troughing

Squawking Magpie wine – $90 per bottle

Named after him no doubt!

Don’t they have taxis in Kuala Lumpur? Or was there only a limo available?

and again

Tut tut – smoking in bed and burned the cover, probably pissed too.

Lost luggage… how these troughers lose bags, what with the priority tags and everything, they really do have rotten luck.

First it was Tuku and now Winston, what is it with NZ First and Boxers?

It must have been cold in Helsinki when Winston went there – because the taxpayer had to buy the poor petal a scarf for the air trip.

Have I mentioned the $156,000 he still owes us, wonder when the taxpayer will get that back?


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  • spam

    I am told that Winston used to smoke in Taxis. The taxi drivers would tell him that he had to pay extra – and he did. With our money.

  • illalwaysrememberportugal

    He couldn’t lie straight in bed the fuckin crooked bastard.