Luxury-loving Gay Boy might quit

No Shame Carter is having a spazz and again crying poof-bashing. He thinks he will quit.

This blogger says do it now and stop threatening us with your sanctimonious, self aggrandising, supercilious smugness, bugger off and do it now.

Koru Club Carter - TrougherNew Zealand’s first openly gay Cabinet minister is close to quitting Parliament because he is sick of being attacked as a “luxury-loving gay boy”.

Labour’s Chris Carter and his civil partner Peter Kaiser angrily hit back yesterday after being condemned for being among the worst offenders in the MP expenses scandal.

Party leader Phil Goff is tipped to demote Carter to the backbenches, after he topped the list of personal spending from the public purse during the term of the last government.

In an interview with the Herald on Sunday yesterday, Carter said: “I just have to make a decision: Do I want to keep putting up with this?

“Do you want to live your life with this stuff going on all the time? You know, I love being an MP. But there might well be a point soon where I think this is just not worth it.”

Piss off No Shame. Your are a serial trougher, worse you don’t even know it. Just wait until you are proven categorically wrong about your claims of being forced to use limousines in Adelaide.

“That has been another hard thing – people trying to paint this image of these luxury-loving gay boys who are swanning around, flowers to the boyfriend,” he said.

“I have lots of faults … but arrogance, pride and love of luxury are not among them.”‘

Oh cry me a river of tears. Those are all a statement of fact. We don’t need to paint that image we just have to look right at you and your wife. The credit card statements speak for themselves, almost like a paint by numbers of luxury-loving gay boys who are swanning around, flowers to boyfriend, arrogant, proud, and lovers of luxury.

He said TV3 political editor Duncan Garner had a “Get Carter” vendetta, claiming Garner told him ‘I am going to f***ing well get you’ during a row in an Air New Zealand Koru Club lounge nine months ago.

But TV3 head of new and current affairs Mark Jennings denied there was a grudge.

He said: “It’s not unheard of for reporters to have robust exchanges with politicians.

“Carter is a serial offender on expenses … it’s Duncan’s job to shine the light on that.”

If there wasn’t a “Get Carter” plan before there sure as hell will be one now. With the added bonus of Patrick Gower chomping on raw meat.

If closet pinko Kerre Woodham can see the egregious troughing of No Shame Carter then the whole world can.

Chris Carter, the serial trougher, was at it again. Despite being advised repeatedly as to what was appropriate use for his ministerial credit card, and despite being sent the entire parliamentary policy on credit card use, just as a reminder, Chris Carter continually bent the rules.

Movies, flowers, fruit and massages – whether the massages had happy endings isn’t specified on the bill – all popped up on Carter’s credit card.

He has paid back whatever he owed and pointed out that, on occasion, his staff had been doing the zip-zapping. But he didn’t seem fazed at having been outed. Well, I suppose he wouldn’t, would he?

Time for an inquiry and some prosecutions.


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  • whalewatcher

    it has just occurred to me that LABOUR stands for


    I am so glad they are out of power
    we need to keep it that way until a new broom sweeps clean. then, just maybe, the electorate might give’em another chance. But this lot of tired old deviants needs out.

  • illalwaysrememberportugal

    Whalewatcher, agreed. I too am glad they’re out of power. But here’s the thing that gets me. I couldn’t care less about his sexual orientation. Koru Club seems to be the only person bringing that up (the fact that we’re gay bashing etc). It’s not about that, it’s about the fact that he’s a common thief and thought he could get away with it. If I were to put the expenses on my company credit card that he did, I’d be out on my arse quicker than fat bitch off to the buffet. Incidentally, what’s he achieved since he’s been in Parliament? Anytime you Google his name, it’s all about his spending habits.

  • By election… but who would the Nats candidate be? Tau? Oh dear…

  • cadwallader

    I agree with both of you. Personally I don’t care whether Jones is onanising at every opportunity, it is that WE are paying for his jollies that grates! Carter has had a holiday at our expense for too long, again, whether he’s gay is incidental to his cavalier expenditure of OUR money. Whalewatcher: I love the acronym. What about a best acronym competition Whale? The prize could be a closed evening at Shane Jones’ house!

  • michaels

    The revolting little poo pusher. Gets caught and wants to go cry in the corner and quit. Well just fucking quit Christine and get the fuck out of our pockets.

  • chiefsfan73

    I agree with illalwaysrememberportugal (why the long handle?).
    I was fortunate enough to travel overseas with work a couple of years back. On a day in which I had some downtime, I decided to rent a car and go sightseeing. This didn’t go on the company card. Even though I could make personal purchases and pay them back, I prefer to use my own card. Hey the thing being, I remembered to take that one with me too. It wasn’t hard.
    I might also add that this is not a gay bashing thing. Not all those involved in the expenses debacle are openly gay. This is about people in a position of privilage abusing it.

  • coelacanth

    I absolutely agree with the Whale. We are used to the ‘race card’, welcome to the ‘gay card’! Is it brown I wonder?

    Carter should just quit – go back to being a school teacher or whatever it was he was doing, and stop being a ‘great big poof’ at our expense.

    As I believe the whale pointed out on an earlier blog, even if he wasn’t gay, he’d still be a great big poof! The worst of the serial troughers and a sickening creep.

  • muhammad

    He is a luxury loving gay boy. That is the perception – so that is the current reality. NZers dont need the media to draw that conclusion. You wanted your lifestyle choice realised and accepted – fine – now you have to accept the downside of what you have shoved down other peoples throat – metaphorically speaking of course.

    Some of us have the right to reach that conclusion – and have that perception. If you dont like it resign and let Judith into parliament so we can all fall about laughing. Question – did Carter and Jones share video titles?

  • nasska

    Homo, hetero farmyard…… whatever! It’s just that NZ can’t afford the luxury of this big spender.

  • michaele

    Look at all the Shit dumped on Shane Jones over his porn movies. Not once did he play the race card, he manned up and said I’ve done wrong.

    But Carter the Sperm Farter can’t resist his own version of persecution culture.

  • Ciaron

    Butt fucking,shit stabbing, doughnut punching, arse tickling, sporran checking, shirt lifting, left-footer, visitor to Vegemite valley!

    I’d hate the fucking thief just as much if he was straight.

  • titanuranus


    Oh look, he`s being repressed,the nasty peoples is being mean to him.
    Of course his compulsive fucking thieving on the taxpayer dollar has nothing to do with it,it`s his entitlement.

    Fuck off Carter ,I dare you to resign , but you won`t will you?
    Gutless Cunt.

  • cheshirecat

    Pity I never realised that calling him a “Luxury-loving gay boy” (‘BOY??? Fuck me, only Helen Keller, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder think he is a boy!) would make him think about quitting parliament. Had I thought that, I would have been e-mailing that description to him every day for years.

    I only have one word to say to you Carter;
    ‘Ornamental fish.’
    Oh, hang on, that’s two words – you’ll know what I’m talking about though if you read this, you lying, thieving, corrupt traitor.

    Bye Mr Carter, don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.

  • sooty

    What was Cristine Carters job before been in parliament, I wonder? Because she’s going to have a hell of a job getting one. Even the liberal left troughers will be running a mile of her.

  • nasska

    @ sooty

    According to Wikipedia the Honourable Fruit was a teacher & a poultry farmer who holds an MA (Hons) in Histoy.

    Dollars to spoonfulls of chook shit he’ll stick with Parliament. Imagine the Great Spender existing on chicken feed.

  • whalewatcher


    are you saying he is a poultry farmer who holds his toy?

    then he is a foul insemminator

    and that’s called bestiality.
    Oddly enough, that is illegal, whereas sodomy is not

    Please fall on your sword Chrissy-wissy

    (your pork-sword, that is)

    and do us all a favour

  • titanuranus

    Has Carter resigned yet?

  • br10

    All personal use of ministerial credit cards should be deplored, regardless of political stripe.

    Jones and Carter however have more to answer for than Groser or McCully.

    Shane Jones said he was a movie buff, but did not watch buff movies. That makes him a liar as well as a thief. The mental image of Shane Jones sitting on the sofa in his underpants watching porno movies would be enough to make even the most stalwart socialist want to switch sides.

    “I have lots of faults but arrogance, pride and love of luxury are not among them.”-Chris Carter

    Chris Carter is probably the most odious hypocrite ever to grace the NZ parliamentary debating chamber. There has never been a skerrick of remorse on offer from this compulsive trougher, nor has he has ever possessed the slightest sense of duty towards the people he is supposed to represent. This became glaringly obvious when he was first pulled up on his travel expenses. He hid from the media for four days, and when he finally emerged, his only comment was that he was a loyal Labour party member and that his senior colleagues approved of his spending. There was no attempt by this crook to placate the electorate or to justify his excesses to them. His thoughts, as always, were on saving his own arse (no pun intended regarding who he might be saving it for).

    I had an argument with him myself in 1998. I posted the details to nz.general and at the time. I was somewhat astonished when with all his arrogance intact, he replied. You can read the thread here:

    Chrissie has gone into hiding again. No surprises there. What a pathetic coward.


  • cheshirecat

    Calm down Titan, of course he hasn’t. It was probably just Sue Bradford out hang-gliding.