My Humble Thanks

Chris Carter has a post about a small protest at parliament today. I would just like to thank Greenpeace, Project Jonah and Koru Club for their support. I’m not sure but I think that is Shane Bradbrook, Maori Stop-Smoking trougher standing beside Koru Club.

Save the Whale

Save the Whale


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  • hagues

    Haha classic.

  • johnboy

    Thank God for Chris Carter.

    I heard that John Key was just about to re-introduce whaling at lunchtime today because Gerry’s stomach started rumbling uncontrollably but because of Chris’s action Bill was prevailed upon to write out a huge cheque and a B-train of KFC was rushed to the Beehive.

    This action avoided the need to start whaling again at the moment but is tipped to increase the deficit by up to $1m/week until a cheaper source of food can be found.

    Great work Chris Carter!!

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  • megashitstirrer

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