Tainui Princess a Trough-le Hunter too

Nanaia Mahuta, the Tainui Princess, has expensive tastes.

It was caviar and cheese that his colleague Nanaia Mahuta preferred to tuck into. A delicacy, but Mr Mahuta could not recall her small portion.

?That was a purchase that was made by staff member. To my recollection, that was a matter that would have to be asked elsewhere but not of me,? she said.

Caviar and Cheese for the soldiers of the proletariat and even better points the finger back at the workers for the troughing. Though with her svelte figure it isn’t hard to see where the caviar and cheese went, down the hatch with the pork and puha bro!

Nanaia Mahuta  - Trough-le Hunter

Nanaia Mahuta - Trough-le Hunter