The Cherry Blossoms?

The Japanese Rugby team are in New Zealand.

The Cherry BlossomsJapan have qualified for the Rugby World Cup and want to push into the global top 10 when the tournament starts next year in New Zealand.

The Cherry Blossoms have won their last four tests and coach John Kirwan and his side have stopped over in New Zealand where they will play a North Harbour XV on Friday before heading for their annual Pacific Nations Cup in Samoa.

“We are ranked 13th at the moment but my goal is to get them into the top 10,” Kirwan said.

The Cherry Blossoms! What are they, a bunch of poofs? If they want to get in the top ten I reckon they can get there just by changing their name. I mean who would want to play hard out for a team called the Cherry Blossoms?

Hell, Cherry Blossoms sounds like they play netball with the Geishas.

How about The Ninjas?

The Samurai?

Or The Yakuza?

Top 5 straight away with a name change.