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The happy clapper who thought he was a rapper became a face slapper in the crapper.

Bernard Orsman also covers the bizarre antics of Len Brown at a council meeting. Len Brown’s Labour spinsters David Lewis and Conor Roberts have come up with an even weirder explanation for the weirdo behaviour of Len Brown.

Mr Lewis said Mr Brown was a more emotional person “than you and I” and a 20-minute speech to the policy and activities committee was a case of wearing his heart on his sleeve. He said the chest and head beating was a Maori gesture, kanohi te kanohi, inviting people to tackle him face-to-face.

What a lot of PC hooey, Lenny the Trougher does himself a dis-service by continuing to hide behind his paid liars.

It was the most emotional moment of an impassioned speech in which the first-term Mayor apologised for errors and mistakes, spoke of the thrashing he had given himself and asked for a fair hearing from the Auditor-General, not a kangaroo court.

“Either you give me a break and let me have the opportunity of a fair hearing to get some justice, equity and fairness, or sink into a cesspit of political expedience. I’ll leave it up to you.”

Tell you what Len, I’ll give you a break when you start telling the truth.

Meanwhile I’ll let TV3’s online poll tell you what people think of his little bit of over-acting in the council chambers on Tuesday night.

Len Brown is Unhinged

Len Brown is Unhinged


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  • chuck

    Cam, are you sure you are not picking on him because he is suffering from Tourette syndrome?

    Just joking I would not want to offend genuine Tourette suffers.

  • Kanohi ki te Kanohi
    Introductory Programme for New Staff
    Kanohi ki te Kanohi literally means face to face,

    From Waikato Unversity………………………….

    Nothing about smacking yourself about,, what a fucking idiot dragging another culture into this becuase he’s a dick , too fucking mean to pay for his own birthday dinner. FFS

  • jimmie

    I think Mayors’Brown and Williams should both be handcuffed together and marched off to the same looney bin.

    How could ratepayers on the Shore and South Auckland elect such dim wits?

    I mean really if Brown was serious shouldn’t he strip to his shorts, present a haka, and pukana his interviewer?

    Heck if I was a Maori fella I would be pissed off at Brown’s stupid excuse for his nervous breakdown – I mean who is gona be scared of being eyeballed by a cry baby.

    I know what his next trick will be – Headline Mayor Brown taken to hospital suffering chest pains…….blames it on his opponents giving him stress……….

  • titanuranus

    I would have been more impressed if had used that old Glaswegian custom of smacking himself between the eyes with a ball peen hammer.

  • megashitstirrer

    I couldnt take my eyes off Brown doing his third rate actors impersonation. He hit himself so hard at one point I thought he was going to pass out.

    Anyone that could vote for an emotional drama queen with such a bad acting sense wants fucking with a softball bat.