Waaaah! Waaaaah! It's all a smear

Emmerson cuts right to the chase. After sitting through the debacle last night it is clear in my mind that Dave Foster, the Finance Director of MCC is incompetent, sycophantic and an idiot. I hope he hasn’t applied for any jobs in the new Super-City. If Len Brown can’t handle some oversight then he can’t handle the job of being Mayor for all of Auckland.

The person responsible for Len Brown is Len Brown


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  • muhammad

    What sickens me -is that in the totalitarian ersatz/mock socialist state called the Soviet Union -they had a central lane on the highways particularly in Moscow – that was uncontrolled by red lights (they never had to stop or obey rules) or pointsmen etc – for the Party Aristocracy … called the “vlasti” … they were the ones with the privilege and the power – the only ones who could shop in the high end stores that actually had goods … they had the holiday “dachas” built with Party/State funds etc in the birchwoods outside Moscow etc and they travelled in “Zil Limousines” and their children and families had preference for public position, schooling, travel, military rank, Housing etc etc – just like Peter Kaiser. Like the modern “hotchins” if you will.

    So – they condemned and murdered the Tsar and his family – they set in train the workers revolution … just like Mao Tse Tung … but instead -the Party became the new Royal Family and Tsar and the Gulags kept on a workin persecuting and disenfranchising ordinary people – and Mao and future party heads became the new “son of heaven” complete with mandate to fuck the masses over – disagree and you get a bullet applied to the source of the problem…

    Do these morons not see – that power corrupts. Average Kiwis want answers – lives for them and their families and children. The Golden Promise many men and women died for in serving their country in two world wars and many other conflicts and still do so. Not this … so you can spend up large on soft toys in manukau – fuck your gay partner up his ass in luxury locations – reward yourself for a lifetime sucking on the public tit – wank in a secluded hotel room while a cabinet minister – piss up large and be drunk on a plane from dubai due to work stress?

    The average kiwi in their deepest darkest minds will be lifting a collective middle finger in the air and saying … fuck you all

    And they would be right.