Well, They were

Kevin Rudd is known, if not in public then certainly behind closed doors for plain speaking and often liberally littered with expletives. Apparently he was very abusive towards China’s position at Copenhagen.

THE Chinese government refuses to believe that the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, could have accused it of ”trying to rat fuck us” at the Copenhagen summit on climate change.

”I don’t know what happened exactly at that time in that place,” the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, Qin Gang, said at a press briefing. ”But I do know Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has always placed great importance on the China-Australia relationship, so I just cannot believe what is being said in those reports.”

The Herald journalist David Marr reported in Saturday’s Good Weekend magazine that Mr Rudd had privately told journalists in Copenhagen: ”Those Chinese fuckerers are trying to rat fuck us”.

Mr Rudd did not deny the comments yesterday, telling a radio interviewer that he had learnt over the years not to comment on private conversations.

Of course the Chinese aren’t at all upset by Rudds comment, they know full well that they were trying to rat fuck us at Copenhagen. You can hardly be upset at the truth can you?