You're Wrong Lockwood, M.P.s should be punished not journalists

Lockwood Smith has reacted angrily and punished journalists for wanting to hold a trougher to account.

Television reporters at Parliament are being punished for chasing Labour MP Chris Carter through corridors against the rules, by losing their carparks.

TV One and TV3 have 22 spaces in Parliament’s basement carpark which they are not charged for.

Speaker Lockwood Smith said journalists in the press gallery at Parliament had to abide by rules.

“In this case there were clear breaches of those rules where television journalists pursued a member of Parliament down a stair case where access for filming was specifically prohibited,” Dr Smith said.

Well excuse me Mr. Speaker, what is worse, a troughing MP along with numerous other miscreants, troughing it up on the taxpayers dime or the media trying to hold at least one of those spendthrift weapons grade troughers to account?

The trougher is on pansy planting leave on full pay and no loss of privileges when he should be out of parliament and the journalists lose their carparks.

You’re wrong, now open up Parliamentary Services to the OIA so we can get a nice big helicopter view of the extent of the troughing by you and your mates.

Parliament makes the rules, monitors the rules and breaks the rules all at the same time. From a taxpayers perspective it has been a spectacular systemic failure in controlling how Ministers and MPs spend our money.

I think we may well be on the verge of seeing an anti-trougher party emerge to try and clean you greedy little piggies out.

It is MPs that should be punished for their troughing, not repeaters for trying to hold the thieving pricks to account.