July 2010

Interesting way of learning Te Reo

With just 24 days left until I appear in court to answer 10 charges of breaching name suppression we get yet another reason why the burqa laying across our justice system needs to be removed. Once again we have an establishment person hiding behind the veil of the burqa that is name suppression. Let’s count the establishment connections Catholic, Principal, Teacher, Maori.

Elvis Dobson Shephard

Elvis Dobson Shephard (NZPA)

Suspended Hato Paora College principal Elvis Dobson Shepherd has been found guilty of sexually abusing students at an Auckland school in the early 1990s.

Shepherd can finally be named after all suppression orders were lifted last night when a High Court jury delivered its verdict after deliberating for less than five hours.

The sexual encounters between Shepherd and two teenage boys occurred while he was teaching and living at Hato Petera College, a Maori Catholic boarding school on the North Shore.

The 49-year-old, who identifies as bisexual, was also a student at the school before returning to teach te reo Maori in an experimental total immersion unit in 1989.

I don’t think the school was expecting Elvis’ definition if total immersion.

The first sexual encounter occurred in March 1990 after an annual gala day and disco.

The 16-year-old boy, who had been asked to leave after stealing, got drunk and stoned and fell asleep on a rugby field as the disco went on into the night.

Shepherd offered him a place to crash and after dropping people home in a van the pair ended up in an office, on a mattress in the dark. While the boy was sleeping Shepherd began performing oral sex on the boy and did another indecent act.

The 1994 sexual encounter involved the 17-year-old boy going to see Shepherd for help with te reo.

Shepherd was a dorm master but teaching at another school at the time.

The boy sat in a chair, Shepherd began massaging him before wafting something under his nose as he lay on the bed, making him feel lethargic. He then forced the boy to perform oral sex on him. The victims came forward after a decade of burying the memories.

Interesting method of teaching te reo. I wonder if it helps with forming the correct mouth shape for the pronouciation of maori vowels (a, e, i, o, u). This sexual predator will have more victims for sure. His name suppression has contributed to his ability to continue to prey on unsuspecting school children. Now that the burqa of our justice system is lifted we can finally know just who this sexual predator is.

It seems though that some don’t get it.

“This has been a prolonged and complex investigation with the victims having the added stress of having to endure two trials,” she said outside court.

Shepherd family spokesman Taiarahia Black said the outcome was a huge loss for whanau and the community.

“He’s devoted almost a lifetime to Maori educational advancement.”

More likely he has devoted almost a lifetime to the sexual grooming and abusing of school children, aided and abetted by the system who will have quietly moved him on when ever problems arose. If performing oral sex on students is Maori educational advancement then the Maori education system is in terrible trouble.

What is more interesting though, is a google search of Elvis Dobson Shepherd throws up numerous examples of MSM websites carrying the story prior to name suppression being applied to this case, again leading one to conclude that some judges and lawyers clearly don’t read the internet or even realise that name suppression is completely ineffective these days.

Just as we don’t tolerate people people wearing a burqa while driving, and cringe when we see such subjucation of women in the street, we shouldn’t tolerate the shroud of secrecy that name suppression provides over criminals.

Is Trevor next for the chop?

Trevor Mallard has his heart in the right place and is a a tribal Labour loyalist, but could he have crossed the very sensitive line of questioning Phil Goff’s abilities at the moment.

Mallard speaks the truth

Mallard speaks the truth

Chances are this will get edited for more clarity, as I suspect Trevor has deleted the offending lie, but it is funny nonetheless…one of the reason I can’t be arsed moderating. BTW, bad form on removing the Rainbow Warrior post, that was funny too, it’s not Trevor’s fault his caucus members are sensitive petals.

One day politicians and judges will realise that you can’t un-publish from the internet.

The President vs. The Leader

On the Nation today the president of the political wing of the EPMU Labour Party, Andrew Little, over-rode the leader Phil Goff on public policy. He isn’t even a member of caucus and yet he presumes to tell Goff what to do.

Labour Party President Andrew Little is insisting four weeks annual leave is a core Labour policy and is incontestable.

Te Atatu MP Chris Carter has claimed in his now famous “anonymous” letter that Labour Leader Phil Goff “ in an unguarded media moment … bucked the caucus and CTU position that the 4th week was not tradable for cash and essentially supported Key’s position.”

Mr Carter was referring to comments made Mr Goff made on a Radio Sport farming show that he was relaxed about workers cashing in their fourth week’s leave.

But speaking on TV3’s “The Nation” today Mr. Little said there was no question that “when Labour is returned to Government next year the minimum annual leave entitlement will be four weeks.”

“There will be no tradability of the fourth week of annual leave,” he said.

Labour is in real trouble, not only is there an insurrection on in caucus, but the president essentially proves one of the main points of Chris Carter’s letter.

It is no surprise to notice that Helen Clark arrives back in the country for a speaking engagement next week. Chris Carter certainly hasn’t acted alone, he never does anything without a chat to New York. I wonder perhaps if Helen hasn’t already promised Carter a job as an UN Global Aids Ambassador or something similar.

Helen Clark is doing to Phil Goff what he did to her once, this is her retribution, make no mistake.

Awesome Arizona

Today is the day gun-rights advocates have had in their sights for a long time.

Starting today, Arizona residents at least 21 years old can carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

The change is part of a broad weapons law by state Sen. Russell Pearce passed by the state Legislature in April that eases restrictions on concealed carry and stiffens penalties for committing a crime while carrying a concealed weapon.

The law is one of many passed by the state Legislature this past session that go into effect today.

Arizona joins Alaska and Vermont as the only states to allow concealed weapons without a permit.

My mate emailed me today to tell me about this. Arizona is also an Open Carry state where you are allowed to carry a gun in the open. He is in a wheel-chair and is a tetra-plegic, but that doesn’t slow him down. He already carries a Sig Sauer, but now with concealed carry without a permit, he can hide that away, though I’m not sure why you’d want to.

Proponents say that concealed carry is not substantially different from open carry, which the state already allows without a permit, and that the new law simply lets law-abiding citizens carry weapons in whatever way is most comfortable.

The law has already created changes for the firearms community, local businesses and police departments. It has also galvanized gun-rights groups to seek further deregulation.

In case you didn’t realise, handguns are heavy. Even a Glock is heavy when the mag is full. Having them yank on belts at funny angles and get in the way when entering and exiting vehicles makes open carry uncomfortable. A nice shoulder rig or purpose made bum-bag holster makes carrying much more comfortable

Proponents of the new law argue that open carry has not had any impact on public safety or gun violence and that concealed carry without a permit won’t alter that.

“It’s really just a matter of preference,” said Rachel Parsons, a spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association. “If a woman wants to carry her gun in her purse, she should be allowed to do that as easily as carrying it on her hip.”


As one astute commenter notes “I’d rather have one and not need it, then need one and not have one.

Meanwhile here in little old New Zealand the only regularly armed people o the streets are the criminals.


Labour is trying to force a by-election

Labour leader Phil Goff says ousted MP Chris Carter doesn’t have a mandate to remain as MP for Te Atatu.

Mr Carter was thrown out of the Labour caucus yesterday on a unanimous vote after sending an unsigned letter to media representatives in an attempt to undermine Mr Goff’s leadership.

Spectacular….this is going to be a massive filip for National in the polls. People do not like nasty blood-letting.

As I said yesterday if I was Chris Carter I would resign and force the broke, busted, dis-united Labour Party try and fight me off.

Mr Goff told reporters in Auckland today Mr Carter should reconsider that.

“That decision constitutionally is his, but he was elected as a Labour MP and he no longer has that mandate. He needs to reflect on that,” Mr Goff said.

“I think that he does not have a mandate to be the Member of Parliament for Te Atatu, given the withdrawal of support from the Labour Party.”

This is important here for Goff, at the moment Chris Carter is still a Labour MP. They haven’t thrown him out of the party. Does Phil Goff have the stones to take that step. Until he does then all this talk is simple bluster as the two men stare each other down.

It also looks like Phil Twyford, the hapless Member for the homeless, has been spiked again.

When Labour’s national council meets in a week’s time it is almost certain to suspend Mr Carter’s party membership. A new Te Atatu candidate would then have to be selected for the next election.

Radio New Zealand‘s political staff say it seems likely the party will look outside its caucus for a candidate.

Mr Carter says he’ll stay as on as an independent MP until the next election, but will give his vote to Labour.

This is going to be the toughest part for Labour because the LEC chair is Peter Kaiser. If he stands firm then Labour will have a problem with selections. it is clear though that they intend to strip Chris Carter of his nomination for Te Atatu and to also find a replacement candidate meaning almost certainly he is about to be Taito’d, chucked ignominiously from the Labour party, for speaking the truth.

The most telling for Labour is their utter paranoia of the “Tizard Effect”. Their reticence to talk about a sitting MP taking the nomination shows just how deeply un-popular Judith Tizard is.

For me though I think the most appalling stance taken by Labour is to question Chris Carter’s mental health, and to question it openly. This shows just how caring and sharing the Labour party really is, they are busily trying to spin and knife Chris Carter by now labeling him as mental. Phil Goff doesn’t deserve to be leader if this is to be their strategy to side-line Chris Carter.

Labour is in a real pickle. It is clear from my discussions with some Labour caucus members that Carter is both right and wrong. Let me explain, Chris Carter is right in saying that no-one thinks that Labour can win the next election, with Phil goff or anyone else for that matter, he is wrong though that caucus thinks there is someone else who could do better, there simply isn’t. Not a single name has been proffered to me as a suggested replacement for Phil. The overall feeling seems to be that like him or loathe Phil Goff is the leader only in the absence of anyone else.

One thing about Helen Clark, she ruled caucus with an iron fist, Phil Goff has let this get away on him.

The best telly in a long time

Chris Carter gives Phil Goff a serve as Phil sits in a box in the corner.

Long-boarders do it again

Andrew Chapman and his mates have been at it again, this time in Wellington, The NZ Herald has the video. The first video i uploaded has now been viewed 287,957 times. The NZ Herald video has 212 views at the time of this posting.

Removing the burqa from our justice system

A pedo restauranteur has had his veil ripped from him by a judge.

Name Suppression

Name Suppression is a Burqa for Justice

Judge Jane Farish has lifted what she called “the mask of respectability” from businessman, restaurateur, and grandfather Graham Dixon Catley, jailing him from two years two months for indecent assaults on three boys decades ago.

Catley is now aged 76 and has health problems including depression, but one of his victims said in court that he had been regarded as a pillar of society.

“He has been protected all these years by his money, his lawyers, and his powerful business associates,” the victim said at Catley’s sentencing in the Christchurch District Court today.

Two of the boys – now adult men – read their victim impact statements at the sentencing session, and the third was read on the man’s behalf by crown prosecutor Anne Toohey. The mother of two of the abused boys also read her statement.

The victims asked the court to lift Catley’s name suppression. “It would be the biggest injustice of all if name suppression was to continue,” said the mother.

They also opposed him being granted home detention, but Judge Farish said she would have ruled out home detention sentence even if Catley was within the two-year prison range where it could be considered.

Name Suppression is like the burqa for open justice. We don’t tolerate the wearing of it here, so why should we tolerate the wearing of a burqa over our justice system. Name Suppression is easily accessible to the wealthy, the connected, the famous, and the establishment. They hide under that burqa to provide a mask of respectability and behind the burqa of their victims pain and suffering.

The time is nigh for the end to name suppression in New Zealand.

Guess Who Said This?

The teachers union would hate this tory scum who challenges their rigid views on accountability

“All I’m asking in return, as a president and as a parent, is a measure of accountability. Surely we can agree that even as we applaud teachers for their hard work, we need to make sure they’re delivering results in the classroom. If they’re not, let’s work with them to help them be more effective. And if that fails, let’s find the right teacher for that classroom.”

The answer is over the break

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Chris Carter as an independent?

Could Chris Carter win a by election as an Independent? Probably.

The logic is pretty simple. If Labour put up a candidate, Chris stands, and National’s vote stays where it was in 2008, National would win. So Labour would not run a candidate, as National did not against the un-flushable grogan, Winston Raymond Peters, 65, Pensioner of no fixed abode, in 1993 in Tauranga.

Te Atatu is definitely in play now, either immediately in a by-election or next year in the general election. In 2008 the party vote in Te Atatu was:

Labour 13,171
National 13,183

That Chris Carter won handily with a greater vote than Labour itself shows how effective as a local MP he is compared with the tide running out on Labour. He is now in the same position as Taito Philip Field was when he openly declared war against the party. If Labour chucks him out, remember corruption is ok, but disloyalty gets you chucked out, then Labour has more than a couple of problems.

  1. They need to select a new candidate, Phil Twyford is the obvious choice, but then again he has had 4 cracks already and a fifth would be the death knell for him. He is disliked by the union faction though and would struggle to gain selection.
  2. Peter Kaiser, Chris Carter’s partner is also the chair of the LEC. This is problematic in trying to pick a new candidate, because the electorate organisation is solidly behind Chris Carter and if they stay put then Head Office faces an embarrassment in over-riding the democratically elected LEC.
  3. If Twyford, by a minor miracle did end up winning a by-election then Labour has the Tizard effect come into play again.
  4. Chris Carter will not be alone. That he got sprung and blew the coup before they all lined up behind Cunliffe is problematic. But you can be sure that Carter’s thoughts are not alone. Phil Goff is only leader today because the leaked letter was supposed to run a few days in the press in order to de-stabilise, all ready for caucus on Tuesday when the knife would have gone in. Goff has only postponed that. It is inevitable that he will be knifed, it is now only a matter of when.

National too has problems. If I was Chris Carter contemplating sticking it up Labour then I would resign right now and force a by-election. Tau Henare can’t beat Chris Carter and right now he is the only person named for Te Atatu. If National decided on selecting another candidate then time starts expiring pretty quickly in sourcing a quality candidate who could take on Chris Carter in Te Atatu. If National ran Tau Henare then Chris Carter would be returned as an independent easily defeating anyone Labour cares to put up.

Politics just got very, very interesting.

As for Chris Carter, I extend to him a free post, unedited, on whatever her would like to say, in order to get his story across without spin. Take this offer as part of my mea culpa for my previous error over the phone bills affair. I’d love to present his story un-filtered by the constraints of the MSM formats.