Bye Bye Howard

Howard Broad has been fired announced he is stepping down as Police Commissioner.

Howard Broad cries a river of tearsPolice Commissioner Howard Broad says he will not seek another term in office when his current term finishes in April.

Mr Broad became the nation’s police chief in 2006. Last night, he revealed that he had begged for mercy told Police Minister Judith Collins in at least two conversations of his intention to avoid being fired retire.

Howard Broad’s time was up as soon as the government changed hands. He was nothing but a patsy for Clark and unreliable for the new government. Howard Broad though is still playing politics with his announcement. He has released these details earlier than expected hoping to solidify support amongst the wet side of National (FIGJAM, Borrows et al) for his term to be extended whilst a replacement is found, the real reason of course behind that is so that he can qualify for a bigger retirement package based on his service. The trouble for Howard is that he has to last till 2012 for that to happen.

There is Sweet-f-all chance of that happening and if iPredict carried stocks for his eventual leaving day I would bet heavily on prior to Christmas. There is no way he will even see out the term of his contract.

The sooner this patsy police officer leaves the better. He can now go share video stories with Shame Jones.

UPDATE: DomPost is carrying quite a different story than the repeaters at the Herald.