Do Labour troughers have Italian roots?

Perhaps “Tugger” Jones & Koru Club Carter have Italian roots? Not roots as in The Mangrove sense but roots in the heritage sense.

Silvio Berlusconi paid ?900 for lap dancer to perform show in hotel room during trip to Brazil

Silvio's Pole DancerSilvio Berlusconi received a pole and lap dance during an official visit to Brazil, it was claimed yesterday.

The Italian premier, 73, who has been involved in a series of sleaze scandals in the past year, was said to have been entertained by six dancers in a hotel room.

But aides in his office said reports of an exotic dance show were ‘wide of the mark’, describing the event as a ‘brief display of traditional local dancing’.

Riiiiiight. I can see a real earner for the likes of Lisa Lewis from the Labour caucus.