Foolishness over knives

It is no surprise that FIGJAM Power is behind moves to make it harder for law abiding citizen to have access to knives. I say law-abiding because that is who will be affected by his proposed silly new laws covering knives. It is just leading to more dis-arming of the population, all the while the gangs, criminals and Police are massively armed.

Criminals, the ones FIGJAM likes to cuddle, being part of the liberal elite, simply don’t follow laws, that is why they are criminals. His inane law-making will fall on deaf ears.

Suggestions querying as to why a 15 year old would want a knife are just silly. My kids are 14 and 12 this month and I have bought them knives, sharp ones, multiple ones. For them they are tools, utility tools for when we go camping and hunting. they have a pocket knife for small chores, a folding knife for tougher chores and a little recreational whittling and sheath knives for skinning and gutting deer. They sure as hell don’t take them to school, they know how to use them for what they were intended and look after them appropriately with oil, sharpening and care.

Justice Minister Simon Power announced yesterday proposals to help deal with a rise in knife-carrying. These included increasing the sentence for possessing an offensive weapon from two to three years and a voluntary accord with knife sellers to help restrict sales to teenagers.

But he stopped short of a ban on sales to younger teenagers, such as that in Britain and some Australian states, saying it would be impractical.

Those changes will stop not one criminal from carrying a knife with intent to injure. Worse still are the daft Principals Association who want to go even further.

School principals say measures should be put in place to make it difficult for teenagers to buy knives, similar to rules restricting the purchase of spraycans.

The Principals Association welcomed moves to help them search pupils for weapons.

In the real world there are some deluded people who think that because someone is a teacher they are smart. unfortunately the Principals Association shows proof positive that such a belief is wrong-headed. To think that restrictions on purchasing knives would somehow stop some-one from obtaining a knife when they really want to carry one just show a disassociation with reality.

For the final joke on the fuss over knives, the penalties are already higher than the penalties for breaching name suppression, a crime that” cuts to the core of our justice system”. Raising them further just highlights the stupidity of our name suppression laws, laws that FIGJAM is currently reviewing. Gee I can’t hardly wait till his pronouncement on that.


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  • sassycassy

    Glad he had a knife:

    And, another example of knife use to save a life. This officer wasn’t on duty, so we can assume his pocket knife was not standard police issue and part of his uniform and kit but a personal item?

  • theresaj

    And while he is on about knives , what about martial arts weapons? I know of a Chinese man selling hundreds of dollars worth of these weapons every day in CHCH. What legitimate purpose do they have and who is buying them? Check out your local mall , … there is likely to be a stall next to the Chinese massage tables. Knives are usually being sold from the same premises.

  • robf

    “Fear not the weapon but the hand that wields it.” The more the State disempowers the population the more you empower the State and Criminals. The State is more at risk from the general population rising up against them than a minority criminal element, so they can be accommodated as part of the de facto State control of keep the population in fear. Yes it is in the States best interest to have a level of criminal activity.
    So what next screwdrivers, baseball bats, aerosol sprays, belts, shoe laces, etc etc etc. You might have to apply for a licence to own or carry a screwdriver.
    My point is a certain percentage of the population will say commit suicide; they will do this regardless of restrictions placed on them. If you take away one tool they will just find another.
    Perhaps we should have a law making it illegal to commit suicide. Maybe the death penalty.

  • rach

    Sadly responsible parents like you are a dying breed. Just because there are people like you out there who are willing to spend time with their children and teach them how to properly use knives and act responsibly doesnt mean that every other parent out there is like you.
    Sure I learnt to use a gun maturely at the age of 13 under the guidance of responsible adults and no way would I ever have abused that privilege but that doesnt mean that is a right for everyone.
    robf: you can actually get in trouble with the police for having things like screwdrivers, baseball bats, and spray paint on you or in your car if you dont have good reason to do so. Sure a screwdriver is a tool used by many tradesmen but its also really good for stealing cars and breaking into houses. Spray paint for vandalism and baseball bat makes a good weapon. If you are worried about getting in trouble for possession of a baseball bat the why not also carry a ball and mit…