Gun hysteria

Police Minister Judith Collins says the Government is looking seriously at legislation to restrict the sale of high-powered air rifles which are being blamed for two recent slayings in Auckland.

Police Sergeant Don Wilkinson died after he was shot with a FX Monsoon air gun while on a undercover drugs operation in 2008.

And now it has been revealed the same type of weapon was used in the slaying of Keith Kahi, 44, in the eastern Auckland suburb of Botany Downs nine days ago.

This is simply hysteria and based on total ignorance of firearms including air-rifles. The news article constantly refers to the FX Monsoon as “high-powered”. A check of the manufacturers specifications show that .177 calibre has a muzzle velocity of1000fps and the .22 version a muzzle velocity of 920fps.

By way of comparison a standard .22 long rifle cartridge generates not less than 1,080fps and up to 1,750fps. The air rifles could hardly be considered high-powered, just as no-one would dare call a .22 rimfire rifle “powerful”. In fact most air rifles these days are around 750fps -1000fps making the distinction between high-powered and low-powered almost impossible.

The other thing about legislation is that it doesn’t ever stop criminals from arming themselves. They simply ignore restrictions and legislation, that is why they are criminals. What it does do though is further dis-arm the general populace. It isn’t access to the weapons that is the problem, if that was the case then criminals wouldn’t have assault rifles, pistols and shoguns, for they are already far more restricted than air-rifles. The simple fact is that restrictions will not stop criminals arming themselves.

New Zealanders need to face up to reality that we have lost control of general society to criminals, who generally act with impunity and can count on an un-armed Police force.

The Police should be armed as a matter of cousre, and they should be trained appropriately. We also need to allow our general citizenry to defend themselves in the face of increasing violence in our drug addled society.

No-one has mentioned that the neighbours of these criminals who committed the latest shooting will have been living in mortal fear next door, knowing full well that there were armed criminals in there, yet unable to defend themselves because they were law abiding citizens.

If we need any reason for allowing the open carry of firearms in our society then Navtej Singh is it. He was abandoned to die for simply running a shop, while Police cowered unarmed behind their vehicles.

Let’s have a proper look at our gun laws and a proper look at our ability to defend ourselves, we need this because it is clear that the Police can’t protect us, they can’t even protect themselves. We need to take back our streets from the criminals. We need the right to keep and bear arms.


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  • sickhealthysanemad

    “We also need to allow our general citizenry to defend themselves in the face of increasing violence in our drug addled society.”

    Cameron Slater, you have slipped to a new low in befuddled logic. You are addled… not by drugs, but by a similar chemical reaction in the brain. I had great hopes for you as being the solution to all of societies ills with your well-formed, insightful comments. And you are obviously someone who is greatly respected and listened to by so many. After reading this, however, I will move to a smarter forum to do our country better. Please delete my account. No need to get Banksy to send me flowers as a parting gift. Perhaps you should smell some poppies before you blow their heads off? They may fix your paranoia.

  • toby

    As far as air guns go, the FX Monsoon is fairly powerful. I say this having fired one a few times. PCP air rifles do tend to toward the more powerful end of the spectrum.

    Not that I’m saying this isn’t all a bit hysterical. I agree that placing higher restrictions on certain air rifles won’t change anything. If a licence is required for an air rifle, the criminal will do what he would do anyway – steal a rifle or buy one from his dodgy crim mates. And what do you think he’ll go for? A PCP air rifle? Or a firearm? Hmm…

  • spiker

    All this talk of restricting sale of some airguns is nothing more than feel good grandstanding. No new laws are required as Section 4 of the Arms Act allows any airgun or type of airgun to be defined as a ‘specially dangerous’ air gun by simple Order in Council. A ‘specially dangerous’ airgun is already defined as a ‘firearm’ in the interpretation section of the Arms Act.

  • @sick­healthysane­mad

    What makes you think that coming here to comment on things requires 100% agreement on anything Cam says or does?

    What makes you think that the physical act of deleting your account is required to stop coming here?

    What makes you think?

  • steve

    Good post Whale.
    The gun specs or the type of gun is not the problem. The person using the gun is the problem. Arm the Police with the best, any problems and ‘bang’ Take the arseholes out of the gene pool.

    @sick­healthysane­mad, your mummy take away your play gun? tell you it is bad to play cowboys and indians, or play war games?
    Fucking sook

  • orange
  • mediatart

    Yeah its not like countries that have a constitional right to carry firearms have a much higher rate of murder by firearms or anything…. no way or even places where they are common as , like SA, very peacefull place.

  • nothanks

    This whole kerfuffle would have been avoided if someone had the balls to end the pointless war on drugs, or the war on weed at least.