How will this help Three Hats fundraising for Labour?

Andrew Little is wearing Three HatsAndrew Little, wearing his hat as the head of the EPMU, not president of the political wing of the EPMU Labour Party and not as candidate for New Plymouth, has written an article about National’s plan to bring our labour laws in line with the vast majority of the rest of the world with the extension of the 90 trial period law.

Until Labour have a proper fund raiser, who isn’t wearing three hats they will have to rely on taxing their members and MPs (in the form of tithes). And until they have proper funds they wont be able to compete with National. Silent T needs to start thinking about this if he is going to be leader. Maryan Street has probably already thought about this.

Phil Goff is too busy issuing press releases railing against behaviour he encouraged when a minister.

As to the substance of his epistle to the NZ Herald, there is none.

We have had the 90 day trial period as law for more than a year and the unions haven’t presented us with any evidence of the widespread abuse of the law that they predicted. The lickspittle blogs and paid lap-bloggers still harp on about “fire at will”, but the simple fact remains that they haven’t produced any statisitics, or substantive evidence that “firing at will” is occurring.

Three Hats himself can only come up one very spurious example. He then goes on to use a global recession which caused widespread job-losses as somehow evidence that the 90 day trial period law is evil. That is just straight out lying. But then it is what we have come to expect from EPMU officials Labour politicians.

The unions, Andrew Little and the political wing of the EPMU Labour need to show us the evidence. The can’t so they spin and obfuscate. I think we can safely ignore their squeals.


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