Luke 23:34

Luke 23:34

Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

National Party DelegatesThe National Party has re-elected Peter Goodfellow to the board and therefore likely to the presidency. Democracy at the conference has spoken but I fear that delegates know not what they do. Sure I picked wrong, but it is a sorry state if we all must nod and kow-tow in agreement and I am not bitter at the result. in three years time we will see who was proved right.

Peter Goodfellow , as a result of short-sighted and frankly collaborative voteing, will likely now be retained for the presidency, not for another year to see if he improves as I am sure a lot of delegates think, but at least for the next three years. Why?

Because Peter Goodfellow has been re-elected to the board for a new term. He will not have to stand again until 2013. Next year is election year and therefore the party will not want to have a change at the board or presidential level during election year. What that means is that Peter Goodfellow is now the president of the National Party at least until 2013.

After a day of insults, threats, opprobrium and malice, and after a vote which saw dullness, mediocrity and sloth rewarded, the National Party can no longer enjoy my full support. I will not tolerate meddling from political staffers in my private arrangements, I will not bow to threats of banning from the party, and I will not tolerate the subjugation of truth and honesty in the interests of expediency.

I could stay and piss from the inside of the tent, or I can leave and piss into the tent from the outside. I choose to leave and piss in from the outside rather than adhere to bullying and threats. Individual MPs that I enjoy conversing with will retain my support, all others are are now on a take it is it comes basis.

I am now officially a right of centre, but non-aligned blogger. All troughing MPs no matter the party are my targets, all venal, corrupt, and mendacious politicians of any colour, team and flavour are now my targets. There are no favours except for my friends, few though those are.

Make no mistake, I no longer belong to any party. I will never again be banned for speaking the truth. I will stand up for honesty and truth in politics and I will tell the story not some spin muppet.


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  • whalewatcher

    Cam, this one post of yours is a sea-change in your blog career.

    Having freed yourself of a political allegiance, you have the potential to become a more major influence than you already are.

    But keep it honest and ease back on some of the vitriol against individuals without compromising your opinions.
    Many NZers will ‘convert’ to you if you can walk such a line.

    Good luck, full support.

  • glenn

    Woo Hoo – Awesome. Now if you can just become a little bit more impartial as well, we will all see the fur fly. Centrist, Cam, Centrist.

    > the National Party can no longer enjoy my full sup­port

    Excellent. I wasn’t going to suggest such an approach, but I could see it coming.

    > and I will not tol­er­ate the sub­ju­ga­tion of truth and hon­esty in the inter­ests of expediency

    Good on you!

    > … piss into the tent from the out­side … bul­ly­ing and threats. … now offi­cially a right of cen­tre, but non-aligned blog­ger. … now my tar­gets …

    All right! Get stuck in!

    > … no longer belong to any party. … stand up for hon­esty and truth in pol­i­tics

    About time too…. but then, you have proved that you do so already, so how much has changed? Just going to attack all sides evenly? I thought you were pretty balanced already.

    (edit after seeing prev comment : ‘what he said too!’)

  • cactuskate1

    About fucking time you saw the light Whale.

  • reid

    Cam, as I said on KB earlier today:

    “this is a situation where you’re expected to call bullshit. It’s like the senior Apple engineer that called bullshit to the management on the iphone 4′s aerial a year or so ago and now Apple’s faced with a marketing disaster. Fucking d’oh. This party issue IF it exists is exactly the same phenomena, albeit in another arena”

    Sad to see you sever ties tho, it’s rarely a good move.

  • coge

    Good stuff Cam. No free thinking individual should ever endure political party confines!

  • clintheine

    Fan-tas-tic Whale. You got out smelling like roses… can’t say the same for the others in there.

    Keep pissing mate.

  • Speak up Whale. Speak up!

  • kehua

    Lets go!!!!!!

  • gaskranken

    Laters for the Slaters eh?

    To Toe or not to Tau – that was the question – so the nats really do have the balls to ban whaling or are they simply embarassed at collectively voting for mediocrity cos if JK reckons he’s all good – you’re out he’s in eh?

    Piss on them all from a great height Cam – make sure if any of them get caught with their snout in the trough it’s your piss they end up drinking bro.

  • gaskranken

    sorry embarrassed.

  • Oh so what. So a wealthy do-nothing got re-elected President in a Party stacked with wealthy do-nothings. Funny that. Come on, Cameron, is the Presidency really that important? Especially when you are at 58% in the polls or whatever it is?!

    If polling was tight it might be a different matter, but I can understand people not wanting to change things up or rock the boat too much. Sure, a good President can make a difference, but at least Goodfellow is not a meddling Michelle Boag who can actually damage the Party and turn things to custard. If he really is useless and does nothing, I think that is dead weight that a Party of tens of thousands of New Zealanders can carry.

    I realise you have egg on your face from this, but you need some perspective, and throwing your toys out of the cot is not the answer. I seem to recall you criticising me for having a hissy-fit over National ditching income-related rents in 2006. Well maybe that criticism was warranted, but at least I spat the dummy over an important policy issue. Spitting the dummy over some back room official with limited influence is just silly.

  • Umm sorry I meant National adopting income-related rents. No breakfast.

  • Crucifixion isn’t as romantic in real life. Isolating yourself from your peers is a slippery slope.

  • kehua

    Gardener, go and look at the 2 comments your blog elicited last week.

  • I bet new political parties will be established to contest the next Elections.

    The traditional major parties will become minority parties.

  • I am a Christian, i know my bible, and this quote is appropriate. I thought about it on the way home and googled it to check the wording. it is still appropriate and I never in my post claimed that i was Jesus, nor would I, that would suggest that I am infallible and perfect and i most demonstrably am not.

    How about you sort your own shit out first before coming on here and making stupid comments that bear no resemblance to the truth. Same goes for Adolf and his stupid comments at No Minister.

    I haven’t and didn’t ever made claims that I am Jesus Christ, i simply used an appropriate quote to emphasis a point about the blinkered and myopic decision to follow caucus meddling in party affairs.

  • positan

    Good one Cam. The thing I detest most about politics is the constant concession to expediency that National so often deems necessary. There’s far more credibility in being able to declare your own views – than having to modify them to accommodate other consequences. Such measures only breed contempt for the party’s credo.

    Labour politics, on the other hand, actually feed and breed on such nonsense because all Leftist/unionist grass-roots views are established by who has uttered them – rather than by the inherent sense, or lack of it, attempted to be conveyed.

  • brucewho

    Of course they will reap what they have sown.

  • gaskranken

    Methinks the whale doth protest a tad too much, don’t be drifting off now Cam, stay with us m8.