Mad Longboarding down the Bombay Hills

I saw this on Facebook the other night and it took me a few extra days to find again. It wasn’t on Youtube so I’ve added it. These guys are mad, I mean passing a truck on a longboard is insane.

Note: This isn’t me, but I think that might be Bomber in the bare feet and tattoos.


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  • whalewatcher

    that’s NUTS

    I must be getting old.
    Fun if you don’t fall off, don’t get nicked, and don’t get nudged off by a malignant driver.

    The next one to try is the Pohuehue viaduct south of Warkworth…

  • Agent BallSack

    Took me straight back to a couple of years ago when we used to rollerblade down The Terrace in Wellington, extreme fun but the 2 sets of lights situated halfway down always provided a couple of hair raising moments…PS fuck that guy was steaming down there, might have to dig out my blades

  • spiker

    How long before this makes it onto tv now that it’s posted here? Easy meat for a lazy repeater. Nice self portrait at the end..

  • johnqpublic

    Bomber has arm tats for Africa, it wasn’t him.

    Shouldn’t it be the Mumbai Hills now?

  • spiker

    Didn’t take long.. lazy repeater award of the week goes to Alanah May Eriksen.

  • spiker

    First runner up is TV1 news this morning.

  • crabby

    Least they gave credit I guess..

    WO makes the journalists job very easy, just read his blog daily, scab some news, get paid….

  • jaghut

    watching this on tv1 right now “video found on the internet” …bastards