Monday Mullet – The Fraudster Mullet

When investigators swooped on Philip Whitley’s Stoke office, they discovered shelves full of black ringbinders.

With their spines facing outwards in an orderly way, they gave every appearance of a legitimate and thriving business.

But they were empty – a striking symbol of the spectacular house of cards the Richmond computer programmer had built.

They also found a mullet wearing fraudster.

mullet fraudster

Beware the Computer programmer with a mullet


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  • hagues

    Obviously the mullet was a further attempt to appear as a decent, honest, trustworthy, law abiding citizen. Its a pity he besmirches the good name of mulletheads everywhere.

  • kram

    Empty ringbinders, the cheek of the man! I reckon I’d lock him up just for lookin shifty.